5.1145.     AR AR

Your body dies, but your spirit and soul will live forever. The only question is whether it will be an eternity of fear and suffering, or an eternity of joy and happiness.

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6.5755.     AR AR

Mind is sexless. Sex is the properties of body and soul, pure spirit is free from the power of the body.

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7.2760. A Ghost.     AR AR

If the real world is an illusion to you, then you are an illusion to the real world. You are nothing to the real world, you are not in it and it knows nothing about you.

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7.6892. Of constancy, good fortune comes.     AR AR

When the whole world breathes you and you breathe the whole world, you don't need a body anymore. Bodies die, but the spirit can live forever.

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8.3974. To deal with the bodies useless.     AR AR

God... Angels... Demons... These wandering spirits enter the bodies of the people they need as necessary and, having done their work, leave them.

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8.6205.     AR AR

Get yourself a good spirit and evil spirits will stay away from you.

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9.4951. Ghosts and spirits.     AR AR

Only   information   can   go   through   enormous   cosmic   distances.   Bodies   won’t   survive   an   interstellar   trip,   but   souls   can   move   at   the   speed   of   light   and   faster.   Soul-astronaut   is   highly   intangible   and   seems   either   a   ghost   or   a   kind   of   spirit   to   onlookers.

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