9.4962.     AR AR

Rationality  is  the  ability  to  turn  minuses  into  pluses.

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10.1550.     AR AR

The symbol of Christianity a cross is a symbol of unity and cons of inferiority, of imperfection, of which the miracle of love transforms into the pros and perfect.

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10.2285. Faith is movement.     AR AR

The Christian Cross is a symbol of the unity of opposites, when two minuses generate a plus.  However, Christianity is not a dualistic religion, a religion of the Trinity, that is three disadvantages.  The three negatives, when combined, give rise to the multiplication sign.

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10.8686.     AR AR

What is a paradigm?  Any thought is a paradigm.  I looked at being through this paradigm, studied the image I saw...  He noted the disadvantages and advantages of this.  I analyzed them and concluded that I liked or disliked the picture.  If the benefits outweigh the harms or the paradigm meets the current external goals, then this is a good paradigm.

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10.10775.     AR AR

Just because a thought is right doesn't mean it's useful.  Minus on plus gives minus.  In real life, it is often better to do wrong, and then two "wrong" will add up, and you will get one "right".

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10.11488. Minus on minus gives plus.     AR AR

You don't believe me?  And you do the right thing, because I always lie.  You love me and that's why you believe me?  You do the right thing, because love turns a lie into truth.

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10.13506. Praise loudly, scold in a low voice.     AR AR

They say that the ideal motivation is two pluses and one minus, but mathematics proves to us that one plus is two minuses, and one multiplication is four minuses.

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10.14396.     AR AR

Pride requires humility in the sense that often the advantages of pride are so heavy that you have to accept all its disadvantages.

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10.14736. Absolute zero.     AR AR

There is nothing terrible or very good anywhere, everything has its pros and cons, which, when added up, inevitably turn into zero.  Zero is truth, nothing exists but zero, everything else is only an illusion of consciousness.

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10.19354. Integrity.     AR AR

Plus and minus are the same thing, only from different sides.

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10.19468.     AR AR

That plus, that minus this hubris.  Harmony is a sign of multiplication.

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10.20125.     AR AR

How can evil overcome evil?  Evil only multiplies evil!  – Doesn't a minus on a minus give you a plus?"  Does evil exist?

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10.21502.     AR AR

Compromise is the realization that if you add up all the pros and cons, the output will always be the same.

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