149.   AR AR

A rhetorical question, which is easier?  Never give oaths or always to fulfill them, if he did?

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9.8640.     AR AR

Keeping  promises,  especially  promises  to  yourself,  will  be  a  good  training  of  fortitude.

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9.8641. Self-confidence.     AR AR

Start  by  learning  to  honor  promises  given  to  yourself.

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9.9751.     AR AR

An idiot is someone who believes in stupid promises.

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10.1573. I say don't swear.     AR AR

The Christian commandment "do not swear and do not take God in vain" directly intersects with the Buddhist thesis about getting rid of attachments.  Epictetus and Seneca said the same thing.  The laws of Manu also have this rule.

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10.9000.     AR AR

A lie can be considered as a situation where love was promised and there was an intention to make some illusion a reality, but this did not happen or actions in this direction were not taken.

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10.11926. How do I beat procrastination?     AR AR

Promise yourself and keep your promise.  Be honest with yourself.

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10.12398.     AR AR

Do not swear, an oath is always a lie, for truth is always freedom.

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10.12873.     AR AR

A public promise in front of strangers is a great tool for motivating a person.  It is easy to deceive yourself or your loved ones.  It is difficult to deceive many people in public and at once.

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10.14304.     AR AR

Out of good intentions, a person makes promises that he can't fulfill later.  In fact, this person is a coward who is afraid of upsetting people, or a drug addict who craves a moment's pleasure.  All his motives are very good, but since he is a coward and a liar, he does not have the strength to fulfill his words.

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10.22150.     AR AR

Promises should be made to yourself and to no one else.

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10.18727.     AR AR

To demand an oath from a person is not to trust him.  A liar's oath is nothing, while " Yes»  an honest man of iron.

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