8.6463.     AR AR

The analysis should be done deep into at least two or three steps, for example, all people are descended from Adam and eve, who had three sons... In the second step, we have to agree with Darwin that these three didn't have very many options...

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10.2421. A happy monkey.     AR AR

The idea that Adam and eve were very happy in Paradise can be verified very simply.  Visit the zoo or go to the forest and watch the monkeys.

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10.3218.     AR AR

The phrase "thou shalt not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge," which God told Adam, is a metaphor for how to raise children.  Kids like to do the opposite.  Knowledge and the power of the spirit come through trials and suffering.  Hell, where Adam was sent, is a training camp to turn him from a child into a man-God.

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10.7359.     AR AR

The point of banishing Adam and eve from Paradise was that they were not banished anywhere.  They remained in Paradise, but they began to judge what was good and what was evil.  Do not judge, and your life will be a Paradise.

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10.16822.     AR AR

As the Bible teaches us, man was created by God...  According to the development of this thought, God took a brainless monkey and gave it brains.  "Let there be light of reason!"God said ...  and so it all gradually spun.

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10.17607.     AR AR

They say God created man.  But what is God?  God is love and reason.  But what is a man?  Man is the living embodiment of love and reason. 

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5.192.     AR AR

Adam and eve ate the Apple of sin, which the devil gave them not out of evil, but out of curiosity. Children are curious. 

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5.182.     AR AR

Adam and eve were not banished from Paradise, but rather, having experienced passion, ate apples and fell asleep. And now they're having a nightmare.

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