10.20811.     AR AR

There is no hope, do not torment yourself, for hope is the edge of love... there is no love, there is nothing.

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10.21338. The master is nothing.     AR AR

Do not be afraid of impassability, remember, in the forest, the power belongs to those who rule over the void.  Leave the trees to the idolaters, they still pay a huge tribute to those who own the void.

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10.21469. Under water.     AR AR

Strong desire creates impassability.  A strong desire is like a great speed.  Too much speed leads to the fact that the liquid becomes solid as a stone, and creates an impassability.  If you slow down, you can walk through walls.

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10.21634.     AR AR

The smaller the step, the easier it is to move.  You can't jump a chasm in two steps, of course, but if you go down one side and up the other... or, for example, go around it.  After all, we live in a limited world where everything has an end and a beginning.

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10.22153.     AR AR

Don't do it the best way, just do it the way it goes.  Movement is life, and the best is fire or impassability.

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10.22157.     AR AR

Humility is the ability to be permeable.  The poor in spirit are not afraid of dead ends, impassables, and other idols of the night.

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10.22411.     AR AR

When you judge, you are stuck to zero and give rise to obstruction.  When you fulfill the commandment "do not judge", you pass energy through yourself, you turn into a unit.  The unit is the conductor of the energy of love.

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10.22425.     AR AR

The speed of time is a constant, and you can't speed up or slow down time.  Haste or attempt to delay something is useless.  Acceleration gives rise to a slowing down and obstruction.  Delays create dams and floods.

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10.22431.     AR AR

King Arthur's sword can only be drawn from a stone by a chosen one.  Thus, what is yours is available to you and inaccessible to others.

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10.22432.     AR AR

There are no doors; the doors are painted on the walls.  Your door is permeable to you and impenetrable to others.  Other people's doors are impenetrable to you.

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5.1117.     AR AR

You can easily walk through a closed door if you realize it doesn't exist ... there are no walls. On the contrary, choosing the easy way, you will come to a dead end in the middle of an empty field.

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