3.77. The great joker.     AR AR

A   stem   cell   is   the   common   example   of   universal   nothingness   and   of   a   lie   that   can   grow   into   anything.   X   is   one   who   can   return   into   nothingness   and   again   become   everything   out   of   nothingness.

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9.8849.     AR AR

Joker   is   the   symbol   of   quantum   philosophy.   X   can   be   anybody   depending   on   the   situation.

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9.8848.     AR AR

The   most   valuable   card   in   the   pack   is   joker.   Different   from   others,   joker   is   not   scared   of   unlucky   circumstances.

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8.4158.     AR AR

Little have all the cards in hand, need another Joker in the sleeve, preferably in each…

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6.1920.     AR AR

They say life is chess, but it's more like a cross between chess, poker and blackjack. At the very least, overkill definitely spoils everything, and bluff and Joker deserve as much attention as a sacred cow somewhere in India.

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3.1720. Joker's rocket.     AR AR

X-shaped systems maneuver well in all three planes of space.

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3.78.     AR AR

The   joker   loves   and   is   afraid   of   nothing,   and   that   is   the   secret   to   his   might.

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