10.1242. Three days for three wishes.     AR AR

Lotus blooms 1% of the time in the year.  This is the nature of beauty, strength, luck, etc.The faster the squirrel runs in the wheel, the more Windows of opportunity it has.  On the other hand, it is easy to skip your stop at speed.

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10.1253.     AR AR

Just because a Lotus blooms only three days a year doesn't mean it's bad the rest of the time.

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10.2906. The simple truth is.     AR AR

Truth is like a Lotus flower in the sense that in a Lotus flower it is the tip of an iceberg, that is, no more than 1% of its size.

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10.3339.     AR AR

When a Lotus blooms, it lasts about a month and a half, but each flower blooms for three days.  When you're in a lucky streak, move from flower to flower, don't dwell on one thing.  When the streak of success is over, stop, do not look for what is not.

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10.3576.     AR AR

Buddhism teaches us that although the Lotus flower is perfect and beautiful, the other 99%, when it is not blooming or still growing, is also perfect.

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10.4780.     AR AR

You should not judge people for their imperfection, you should love them for their perfection and uniqueness.  In the radiation of the Sun light is only 1%, the rest is darkness, and the beautiful Lotus blooms only 1% of the time.

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10.9758.     AR AR

What is a symbol of beauty? 
– Shrimp… 

– I looked at it and saw the universal beauty in it... Yes, I know that there is beauty in everything, and I could have meditated on a grain of sand or a Lotus flower, but I didn't have any sand or Lotus at hand, and I needed energy.  I had to extract energy from what I had.

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10.17510. True essence.     AR AR

What is there, is here; what is here, is there.  He who sees not unity, but difference, wanders from death to death.  This truth must be understood by the mind: there is not much, there is only One.

He who sees not unity, but difference, wanders from death to death.  The thumb-sized entity is located in the center of the Lotus of the heart.  Those who know Him-the ruler of the past and the future-no longer fear for themselves;

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10.21979. Christmas gifts.     AR AR

When I looked at the Christmas tree carefully, I noticed that love is always there  it dies, but it is reborn every year by the power of our hope and love.  The Lotus also blooms only three days a year.

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