249.   AR AR

Deep in thought I look at this life,
and life below is small,
trains go back and forth,
cars, airplanes, people
and their passions are so small, 
such unreal,
what are they thinking?
Who knows?..
Although does it matter?
...time to put the toys away.

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257. [In brevi]     AR AR

A   soul   is   immortal   information,
while   a   body   is   just   a   machine   getting
obsolete   and   unserviceable   in   time...

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Art by Irina Tsurupina



9.48.     AR AR

Our   three-class   society   has   become   a   fourth-class   one.   Robots   are   new   emerging   class.   And   that`s   a   strong   one,   such   an   adversary   in   class   struggle   can   easily   destroy   half   of   mankind,   if   not   everyone.

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9.7609.     AR AR

Robots   are   artificial   insects.   Robots   are   strong   but   their   brains   are   as   big   as   the   insects’.   Evolution,   however,   is   not   static   and   robots   will   soon   become   reptiles…   At   that   stage,   people   are   likely   to   die   out   because   last   time   dinosaurs   ruled   over   the   world   for   as   long   as   60,000,000   years.

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9.7663.     AR AR

Robot  society  is  extremely  stagnant  and  totalitarian.  Social  elevators  as  a  phenomenon  don’t  exist  in  such  a  society.  A  robot,  born  as  a  sewing  machine  or  bar-lifter,  will  never  be  able  to  change  its  purpose. 

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9.7664. Brain weaving.     AR AR

Professional  training  is,  in  fact,  a  robot  programming  process.  Be  very  careful  in  choosing  a  profession.  If  you  are  programmed  to  be  a  bender  robot,  you  are  unlikely  to  ever  be  an  un-bender  robot.

Přeložit: lushchenko Marina


9.8876.     AR AR

Brains are different. Sometimes the brain is an analytical machine, sometimes a game console, sometimes a coffee machine, etc.

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9.9217. Soft algorithms.     AR AR

The   patterns   and   stereotypes   are   the   rules   of   behavior,   programmed   in   the   human   conscience,.   Robots   can’t   break   the   programmed   rules,   but   some   people   can.

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9.9403.     AR AR

The   body   should   be   taken   care   of.   The   body   is   a   very   expensive   and   fragile   machine   that   is   hard   to   repair.

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9.9984. Robots go to paradise too.     AR AR

Religion’s  attitude  towards  sexual  minorities  is  as  follows.  God  is  love.  God  is  intelligence.  God  is  truth.  God  is  rules  and  order.  Rational  creatures  that  recognize  God’s  law  and  order  and  are  ready  to  serve  him,  become  eligible  for  divine  grace.

Sexual  preferences,  ways  of  procreation  and  physical  bodies’  special  characteristics  do  not  matter  in  terms  of  the  presence  of  intelligence.  Even  artificial  intelligence  can  go  to  paradise  if  it  recognizes  the  law  of  God  and  loves  God.

Přeložit: lushchenko Marina


10.1280. THAT's the driver.     AR AR

Spirit (Ka) is information that is connected through the will (AB) with the source of energy of feelings and emotions (BA).  BA is soul and energy.  Ka is spirit and mind.  AB is the will of the gearbox.  Hut this body and machine.

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10.2300. Don't be afraid of mistakes.     AR AR

A mistake is what creates novelty.  Robots never make mistakes and therefore are not able to come up with anything new.  Do not be afraid of mistakes, look for new opportunities in mistakes.

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10.4946.     AR AR

Order is a machine that produces chaos out of chaos.  And it is an amazing and magical machine that produces more than it receives.  A machine that produces thousands of times more nothing out of nothing than it was. 
- How can you magnify anything? 
"Well, it's all an illusion.

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10.9477.     AR AR

Red is a sign of alarm and danger, but it is only a sign, a traffic light signal.  The danger is posed by machines.  If you want to cross the road on a red light, watch the cars carefully.

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10.16845. The philosophy of love.     AR AR

The   main   goal   of   Syntalism   is   to   teach   intelligent   algorithms   and   love   machines,   thereby   giving   them   a   soul.

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10.17131. The algorithms of love.     AR AR

The meaning of life is to make a person wiser until he does it, he is doomed to suffer.  To grow wise is to learn to love.  The unique property of the mind is the ability to love.  Animals and machines are not capable of love.

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