3.168.     AR AR

Resignation   is   the   Holy   Grail   of   being.   Resignation   is   what   makes   love   and   faith   real.   An   absence   of   resignation   is   called   Arrogance.

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4.231. Treasure Island.     AR AR

Are   you   looking   for   the   Holy   Grail,   the   source   of   power   and   strength,   money   and   sex,   health   and   eternal   life?   Have   you   been   looking   long?   You’ve   looked   everything   and   it’s   nowhere?   Go   to   a   bookstore.   Read   non-fiction   books   on   philosophy,   psychology   and   anatomy.   At   your   169th   book,   you   will   find   the   map   of   a   treasure   island   with   a   gift   hidden   in   it.   To   get   this   gift,   you   will   have   to   give   everything   you   have   but,   in   return,   you   will   receive   everything   you   dreamed   of.

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10.19176.     AR AR

Sports, books and work are the Holy Grail of existence, which is enough to succeed in this world.

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10.19765.     AR AR

The devil thinks he is better than God, so the best is the enemy of the good.  Hell looks much better and a glittering Paradise.  Hell is a sticky fly trap.  Bowl  The Grail was made of wood, not gold.

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10.19847. The opposite is true.     AR AR

Thicket  The Holy Grail is a symbol of repentance, that is, a change of mind.  What is valuable is not what is little, but what is much.  Value is the simplest and most obvious.  All that you considered valuable was poison, and all that you considered ordinary water was wine and the healing elixir of life.

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10.19891.     AR AR

Truth is a super-powerful weapon and a predator that nothing can resist.  It is impossible to harm the truth.  Truth does not burn in fire and does not sink in water.

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10.19954.     AR AR

Faith begins with hope.  We believe what we hope for.

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10.20174.     AR AR

Work is a universal remedy for all problems, fears, pain and bitterness.

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10.20286.     AR AR

"Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask»  this is a metaphor for self-sufficiency and humility.  Truth is that which is self-sufficient and complete, it is both a point and a universe.  Self-belief is the Holy Grail of being, an infinite source of strength and energy.  A confident person can implement any of their tasks.  As long as you rely on yourself, you can do a lot.  Putting your hopes on others is a form of pride.

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10.20715.     AR AR

The principle of negation of negation, combined with the principle of tolerance, humility and freedom of thought, allows you to infinitely multiply the energy of the system on the same basis.  You can take any point and turn it into the universe.

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