10.2277. Eggs of evil.     AR AR

The problem of the egg and the chicken is the classic paradox of idealism, generating a dualism of extremes.  Extremes are like an egg and a chicken.  You will never tell which of them was the first, you only see the egg of evil grow into the good hen that lays the eggs of evil.

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10.2279. Dualistic logic.     AR AR

Circular logic logic logic is the egg and chicken, the logic of the extremes of idealism and dualism.

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10.10286. A low-flying bird.     AR AR

The male peacock is beautiful, but flies poorly.  I spent all my energy on feathers, poor boy.

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10.11097.     AR AR

Dispassionate is when you don't care whether it's heads or tails.  So that you do not fall out, everything will be interesting, and therefore happy.

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10.11196.     AR AR

Pompous roosters and peacocks make mistakes and lie much more often than their high status allows...  The pride of the roosters blinds them, right in one thing they can easily be mistaken in everything else.

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10.12163.     AR AR

A tit in the hands of a crane in the sky does not interfere.  Catch the available, dream of the impossible.  The crane will not go anywhere, it is a goal stretched in time, and the tit must be grabbed before it flies away.

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10.15938. Everyone has their drawbacks.     AR AR

You love eggs, you love the clucking of a chicken.  Love to skate, love and sleigh to haul.  If you love, you will have to accept all the shortcomings of your love, otherwise you will lose everything.

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10.18487. The fate of eggs.     AR AR

First you give birth to an idea, then you hatch it for a long time around the clock... Then you cackle like a chicken, run around and try to feed the chickens, picking up a grain here and there.  I am glad that the chickens are Autonomous and look for food themselves, you just need to bring them to the right place.  I am not happy that many will become food themselves.

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10.18488. Ideas produce ideas.     AR AR

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?
One idea gave birth to another, the second grew and gave birth to a third.  Over time, ideas hang down and evolve.  The very first idea was very simple, the very last idea will also be the beginning.

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10.18687.     AR AR

Yin and Yang are the egg of life.  The seed from which the tree of life grows, the egg from which the rooster hatches, whose morning crow calls for the beginning of the day.

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10.20238.     AR AR

Love your enemy as the RAM loved the shepherd and became one of the dominant forms of life on the planet Earth.  Chickens, pigs, and dogs also love their owners.

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