7.6500. He who is obedient and submissive is righteous.     AR AR

A scapegoat is a sacrificial goat. Symbol of human sins. From the goats happened to the demons, because the first sacrifice of goats and other demons.

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7.6537. The sacrifice of a goat.     AR AR

The best way to pay for your sin is with a scapegoat.

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7.6541.     AR AR

Beware of sinners. Usually sinners do not want to pay for their sins and pay for them their loved ones or guilty only of their weakness scapegoats.

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7.7022.     AR AR

Indulging your pleasures and vices, you sacrifice yourself. You are the scapegoat, the living edification of others.

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8.1530.     AR AR

Sheep  consider  a  sacrificial  goat  their  worst  enemy. 

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9.4678. Metaphorically.     AR AR

Pride turns a man into a goat. Damn Horny it is modified at the goat man. God doesn't like it when God's sheep turn into goats.

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9.4662.     AR AR

Goats think they're better than sheep. Goats are full of pride and despise sheep. We can say that pride turns a sheep into a goat. Sheep don't like goats. The wolves are, by and large, do not care who is there, though goat meat do not love it.

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9.1865.     AR AR

I read in the gospel that "goats" are those who rejected God, and for it fell into hell.

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9.5867.     AR AR

"Scapegoat"  is  not  to  blame,  he  is  only  a  victim  to  edify  others.  The  choice  of  a  scapegoat  is  random,  but  overall  it  is  the  figure  that  can  be  sacrificed.  A  scapegoat  is  beaten  for  others  not  to  try.  They  sympathize  with  a  scapegoat,  but  they  are  glad  that  they  are  not  in  his  place.  The  presence  of  a  "scapegoat"  is  joyful  for  the  collective.

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9.9772.     AR AR

The scapegoat is to blame, every sheep will tell you that.

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10.4454.     AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   sins,   vices   turn   people   into   cattle,   that   is,   goats,   rams,   and   all   that   sort   of   thing.  

"What's   better   than   hornless   cattle?"  

-   Nothing.

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10.6544.     AR AR


Be afraid to be guilty.  The culprit is the easiest to turn into a victim.


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10.9638. A festive sacrifice.     AR AR

They say it's a very bad idea to fight for the rights of slaves.  They say that slaves are not interested in law, but they are very fond of scapegoats.  For if you sacrifice a scapegoat to the system, it will be a holiday.  Slaves love holidays.

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10.9809.     AR AR

I have no sympathy for the victims, because everyone chooses their own fate.  What could be more stupid than blaming yourself for your own choices.

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10.12576.     AR AR

Indeed, all men are goats, but women are all goats, and each creature must have a pair.

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10.18051.     AR AR

DON't WAIT, you'll become a kid.

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10.20635.     AR AR

You can justify anything, just like a scapegoat can also be anyone.

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10.21813.     AR AR

You don't have to be a goat, or you'll lose your hooves.

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10.4. Half goat.     AR AR

If you look closely at the image of the Satyr, you will notice that it is a metaphor of a man with a very inflated Ego, very fixated on the size of his penis and genital pleasures.

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