142.     AR AR

When  an  animal's  young  is  born,  as  a  rule, 
it's  ready  for  living  a  full  life. 
But  a  human  newborn  is  born  a  bit  incomplete 
and  reaches  the  level  of  an  animal  only 
at  the  age  of  one  and  a  half... 
and  then  it  leaves  the  animal  level  behind 
and  keeps  on  developing... 
It's  curious  that  this  incompleteness  in  a 
human  soul  remains  for  life. 
All  one's  life  a  person  will  not  feel  ready 
for  something,  will  lack  something  and 
still  feel  incomplete... 
And  this  very  feeling  of  being  incomplete 
is  what  differences  human  beings  from 
animals  as  this  is  the  perpetual  motion 
which  makes  this  world  go  round... 
This  very  inborn  human  incompleteness, 
this  inborn  imperfection... 
multiplied  by  endless  thirst  for  attaining 
to  perfection... 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


4.41.     AR AR

Automatic unconscious reactions to external stimuli lower the person on the same level with animals.  The constant awareness of one's reactions brings one closer to God.

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340.     AR AR

Only   few   people   descended   from   extraterrestrials,
others   are   the   descendants   of   different   animals.

Přeložit: Sodmis

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



10.12508.     AR AR

Intelligence is the ability to be motivated by ideas.  Animals respond only to external stimuli that appeal to their instincts.

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10.17674.     AR AR

Slaves of vices are truly a pity.  Thousands of lives are doomed to suffer the unfortunate.  But what to do, their animal is too strong, their mind is too weak.

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10.16246.     AR AR

You admire a lion, and I admire a donkey.  The donkey is a smart and useful animal, but the lion only sleeps and eats.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.15597.     AR AR

Morality is conscience.  Conscience is a moral law that distinguishes a reasonable and noble person from an unreasonable and savage animal.  Reasonable people are governed by their conscience, and animals are governed by the carrot and stick.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.14355.     AR AR

The key difference between animals and humans is the ability of the human mind to control fear and pain, animals can't.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.17711.     AR AR

A lot of pride is the devil.  Humble moderate pride is a person.  Little pride is an animal.  Lack of pride is a plant.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.17766.     AR AR

I would separate the human from the non-human.  Many of those who call themselves human are not.  A person is someone who has love, someone who has no love, it is not a person.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.17773.     AR AR

It is useless to talk to those who mew and bark, because they do not understand the words anyway.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.17927. Apple tree in flowers.     AR AR

To learn to love, watch the Apple tree in spring…  At first, she is happy with the spring, blooms with beautiful flowers, then the bees arrive…  then there is a long warm summer... then a fruitful autumn.  The most important thing is that there is no greed and greed in the Apple tree.  Apples are eaten by worms, birds, and animals.  Myself  the Apple tree does not require anything from anyone in return, it only rejoices that its fruits are useful and in demand in society.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.18033.     AR AR

What is fear?  This is an eternal concern for your safety.  They say that's how animals live.  Reasonable people are happy and trust in being.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.18253. Mad people hate beauty.     AR AR

Love is the ability to see beauty.  Unintelligent animals do not know the concept of beauty, therefore they are not capable of love.  A man who denies beauty is mad.

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10.18712.     AR AR

It is interesting that animals adapt to the environment of existence, and intelligent beings adapt the environment of existence to themselves.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.19130. Spurs, blinkers, and a whip.     AR AR

Animals don't understand words well.  Animals understand only very simple words.  Basically, animals are controlled with a whip and a carrot.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.19498. Little chewed-up pieces of lies.     AR AR

The more small bites you take of the truth, the more energy is generated.  You need to chew the truth long and carefully.  Take the example of cows, they eat all day, and their milk is good for society.

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10.19820. Creative person.     AR AR

A hole in the wall should not be hammered with your head like a woodpecker, but with specially created tools.  Man differs from other animals in that in order to catch a bird of fortune, he can weave a net, make a bow and arrow, and generally approach the process of hunting creatively.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.20592.     AR AR


Reason is a knowing and curious entity. An animal entity is an entity seeking pleasure ... What do animals do? They eat, relax, breed, build their minks and nests. What does a reasonable person do? Cognizes the world and seeks the truth.


Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.21420. Nature is a wonderful cook.     AR AR

Wormy Apple is better  not a worm-eaten Apple.  Wormy Apple is a delicacy, salad with meat.  Animals are very fond of this delicacy.

Přeložit: NeuronNet


10.21638.     AR AR

Don't take a big step, take a lot of small steps…  You're an ant, not a kangaroo.

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