2532. A spear.     AR AR

It's  a  fear  that  makes  you  weak.  It's  a  fear  that  makes  your  hands  and  legs  go  numb  and  turns  your  thoughts  into  a  prolix  jelly.  Fear  is  the  main  and  strongest  weapon  of  your  opponent  as  it's  like  a  spear  used  for  attacking  you  from  afar.  Before  struggling  with  your  opponent,  you  should  destroy  your  own  fear. 

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10.10765.     AR AR

Viscosity and paralysis in response to fear is the effect of stopping time.  It should not be feared, but used to coolly analyze the situation.

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10.10764.     AR AR

Fear slows down time.  Mindfulness is the same fear.  This is insight, this is a clear vision of every detail.  Do not be afraid of it, but use it to stop time and consider carefully the situation around you.

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10.12642.     AR AR

Fear of the future leads to paralysis, an attempt to escape, or a paranoid desire to build a bomb shelter.

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10.12740. Paralyzed with terror.     AR AR

Dependent people who are forced to be near someone they fear, unable to escape or attack, fall into chronic paralysis of the brain and imagination.

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10.13016. Paralysis.     AR AR

Anyone who regrets the vices that he abandoned like Lot's wife will turn into a pillar of salt.

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10.14099.     AR AR

Idleness is the root of all vices.  Vices will steal all your time and money.  If you are left without energy, you will fall into fear, and fear will paralyze you.  Procrastination is paralysis from fear for your lost time.

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10.15405. Fear of heights.     AR AR

The proud man is in eternal fear, because in his illusions and self-conceit he hangs high in the sky.  The proud man presents himself as a star and is very afraid of falling.  To get rid of the paralyzing fear, you need to descend from heaven to earth.

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10.17118.     AR AR

You can't be afraid of evil.  Fear is paralyzing and draining.  I want to run from fear.  Of course, when the fear is weak, you want to attack it, but on the other hand, try to understand the nature of the danger first.  If you twitch, the bees will bite you, and they will be absolutely right.

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10.20445. Fears grow.     AR AR

Trying to run away from one fear creates a fear twice as big in front and three times as big behind.

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10.20652. The consciousness of the future.     AR AR

When you look at the present, everything is good or normal.  When you look into the future, your soul is filled with fear.  It is tempting not to look to the future.  This is wrong.  You should find a goal in the future and create a plan to follow it.  The present should be occupied with building the future, then both the future and the present will be joyful.

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10.21060.     AR AR

When you are paralyzed by fear, the main thing is not to seek solace from it in entertainment and pleasure.  Fear must be met with faith and determination, that is, movement and hope for the best.

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10.21066.     AR AR

Every time I face a new gigantic problem hanging over my head like an axe over a block, I try to encourage myself with the thought that I have seen dozens of such problems before, and each time I managed to benefit from them, and everything was fine.  The thought is not exactly invigorating, but it avoids the paralyzing horror.

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10.21343.     AR AR

Don't be afraid of future fears.  Fear of speaking in front of the dead end and fire.  But that will be in seven days, and today you can still move and grow…  Go straight into the fire, but look carefully around, somewhere on the side there will be a detour.

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10.21364. An unbalanced personality.     AR AR

The system is always balanced.  By holding back the fear in one, you get a phobia in the other and fall into a paralysis of fear.  The paralysis generated by the different strengths of fear is procrastination.  Similarly, if your sources of fear and or pleasure become very limited.  The situation creates a gap in consciousness, which again leads to fear, ... paralysis and procrastination.

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10.21532.     AR AR

To turn the other cheek to the blow is necessary in order not to live in eternal fear of the first blow.

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10.21812.     AR AR

Fears are very real, and you need to respect and pay attention to them.  Love your enemy, love is respect and care.  Shivering and falling into paralysis is not necessary, it will be enough not to ignore your fear.  Ignoring the enemy is ignorance and disrespect.

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10.21896.     AR AR

By focusing on small parts of your plan of action (the here and now, the immediate tasks), you protect yourself from procrastination, which is associated with the horror of realizing the huge amount of work ahead.  On the other hand, the whole is also not to be feared, but to be admired and to know that everything is possible for those who are not greedy for time.

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10.21943. The death of the Christmas tree.     AR AR

You can't turn hope into an idol that you can't live without.  If your idol is such that you are blinded by it and are not ready to survive its death, then you are paralyzed by the fear of its possible death.  But love is bound to be crucified and die.  There is no such thing as love not being crucified.  And you will be the one who will have to resurrect it, because you are a slave  God's, and slaves are bound to serve their masters.  You should be calm about gifts and the death of a Christmas tree.  In any case, you must survive and repeat the ritual every year.

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10.21955. Love your fear.     AR AR

Wow... how to scare... how to scare…  It takes your breath away, your ass is full of pimples.  At first I am paralyzed with fear, but then I think, ... trust being, God is love, love will protect us.  All for the best.  And fear is transformed into cheerfulness and excitement.

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