10.9793.     AR AR

The one is hidden in silence.  When you hear all the judgments, and the judgments disappear, and you fulfill the commandment "do not judge",...  there will be silence, and you will know what I call the one of everything.

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10.9800.     AR AR

Do you think the deaf can't hear because they don't have ears?  It's not like that.  On the contrary, their ears are too long and therefore the eternal roar of their fears drowns out all other sounds of silence.

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10.11267.     AR AR

To turn an intention into an action, you need 7 minutes of silent thought meditation.  Create silence, feel the intention and act on it from the silence, without sublimating it into thoughts and images.

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10.13061.     AR AR

The richer the language, the more judgment and, therefore, suffering it contains.  On the other hand, when one has exhausted one's judgments, one will experience the silence of joy.

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10.13202.     AR AR

In fact, it is easier to focus when there is a lot of interference than when there is not enough.  When there are a lot of distractions, you quickly abstract from everything at once and, immersed in silence, focus on your business.

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10.14084.     AR AR


The noise, the fear, the ringing...  and silence.  The moral is that you don't need to twitch.  All our fears are illusions.


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10.14270. The peace and quiet.     AR AR

During an overdose of emotions, there is a decrease in emotional sensitivity, which generates anxiety, Cycling and a strong thirst for positive emotions.  It's basically depression.  During depression, the main thing is not to be afraid and not to try to look for sharp emotions.  Nothing terrible happened, you need to calmly wait for the restoration of sensitivity.  Treat depression with sleep, a lean diet, and rest.

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10.15030.     AR AR

If you close your eyes while eating, the food will seem tastier.  For the same reason, it is more pleasant to eat in silence.

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10.15041. The unbearability of silence.     AR AR

It is desirable to occupy the human brain with some tasks or goals, otherwise it begins to get hung up on fears and falls into chronic anxiety.  Unable to be alone, a person seeks solace in the form of movies, TV, games, alcohol, and the like.  But I recommend that you occupy your brain with work and reading, it will be more useful and less harmful.

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10.15276.     AR AR

The voice of truth is quiet, but it never ceases.  If you listen for a long time, then in the silence behind the noise of random interference, you will hear an infinitely repeated signal – this is the truth.

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10.15321. Masked, I advance.     AR AR

Improvement requires peace and quiet.  Perfection is the source of power.  If people see that your perfection is growing, they will be afraid of you and will harm and hinder you.  When people see your perfection, they will try to destroy it.  Remember Descartes ' words: my perfection was hidden by a mask.  Under the mask of imperfection, I improved.

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10.16001.     AR AR

Only the one who is asked can answer, all other answers will melt into silence, not heard by anyone.

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10.16062. Silence.     AR AR

The   meaning   of   "Variothoughts"   is   to   forget   all   words.   Words   are   needed   to   find   meaning.   When   the   meaning   is   found,   the   words   are   no   longer   needed   and   you   can   switch   to   an   intuitive,   instantaneous   way   of   thinking.

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10.16456. Try to think short and clear.     AR AR

Maintain a mode of silence and order in your head, thoughts interfere with feeling reality, interfere with mindfulness.

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10.17873.     AR AR

Words breed lies.  You will hear more of the truth if you listen to my silence.  Talk to me and listen to my silence.  Listen to my silence, and you will hear all the answers you need.

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10.18034.     AR AR

The knowledge of truth occurs through its negation.  The truth is beyond words.  When all the words are spoken, the truth remains rejected.  The truth is nothing.

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10.20547.     AR AR

As long as it's silent, be silent.

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