7.5274.     AR AR

The  sleeping  beauties  are  dangerous.  She  will  eat  you  if  she  wakes  up  and  finds  out  you're  not  the  prince.

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10.9337. Love is enlightenment.     AR AR

The sleeping beauty metaphor can be seen as a woman living in a world of her own illusions until she falls in love.  Love brings a woman back to reality.  Love is the awakening from a dream into the real world.  A woman escapes from fear into the world of her illusions, and only love, saving her from fear, allows her to return back to reality.

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10.9338. Fear of reality.     AR AR

Only the love of a Prince can awaken a woman from her dream by her illusion.  The Princess is timid, so that she returns to reality, she needs security guarantees in the form of love.

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10.10112.     AR AR

The hero will Wake the Princess by releasing her from the tower of sleep...  The coward would lie down next to her and share her nightmare.  The hero will save the Princess from the nightmare and take her to him...  a coward will ruin everyone.

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10.10353.     AR AR


Sleeping beauty will not Wake up, she sleeps, being in the deep belief that the Prince will appear and awaken her with a magic kiss.


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10.10375. The little mermaid.     AR AR

Frigidity and decreased sexual desire in women is associated with narcissistic regression, withdrawal from reality, dissolution in dreams and the flow of illusions.  The life of a sleeping beauty is like a dream.  Against the background of self-admiration of internal feelings, interest in external reality falls.

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10.10536.     AR AR

Sleeping beauty is afraid of reality, reality hurts her.  To escape from the pain, the beauty blocks the sense of the outside world and falls asleep.  External love or internal desire can Wake up the beauty.  To Wake up from the inside, you need hope and the memory of Paradise in reality.  Next, you need to accept the pain and fear, realizing that it is an illusion, and the beliefs that gave rise to them-a lie.

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10.10537.     AR AR

For sleeping beauty to Wake up, she needs positive emotions and hope that all her fears are lies.

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10.18168. Beat you?     AR AR

A woman says to a man:  "You are weak and cowardly, and I despise you."  The man replies to her :" it allows me to tolerate you, a strong one would have beaten you long ago."..

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10.18173.     AR AR

A proud woman can have the following relationship options... a Weak alcoholic.  A strong tyrant.  Patronizing order(with such unbearably boring).  Someone who tolerates her, but she despises him.  Maybe the one who runs away will leave her alone.

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10.18272. Get to know me.     AR AR


A woman needs love.  She feels that love is knowledge and patience.  And a selfish, proud man doesn't want to know her.  Without knowing a woman, a man cannot guess her desires.  A man tries to somehow save the relationship, gives some gifts, but everything is not in the subject and everything is not the same.  This indicates that he is inattentive and narcissistic.  In this situation, the woman intuitively begins to provoke scandals or coldly ignore the man.  A woman wants conflict, because war, like love, is a great way to know your enemy.


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10.18280. Life is love.     AR AR

As long as a woman fights with a man, she loves him.  Indifference is the death of love.  A scandal is a neurotic conflict, a means of attracting attention.  Just as the Moon warms up the magma inside the Earth and provokes the tides, a woman's scandals warm up love in a man's heart.  The moon generates volcanic activity on Earth that creates the atmosphere and warms the water.  The moon is the cause of life on Earth.

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10.19071.     AR AR

The favorite occupation of a pleasure-dependent person is to hysteria and harass their loved ones with eternal nagging.

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10.19000.     AR AR

Cleopatra's syndrome is the result of over-love.  An over-loved woman becomes an idol.  An idol is a drug addict, dependent on love, who sooner or later falls into drug withdrawal.  The addict is obsessed with pride and a thirst for power over everything that brings him pleasure.

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10.19001.     AR AR

Woman with the syndrome  Cleopatra will constantly try to attract attention and feels the lack of love.  When her joys are exhausted, she will crave rest in order to restore her sensitivity to pleasure.

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10.19002.     AR AR

Cleopatra syndrome is pride and lust for power.  Such a woman seeks to be an idol, seeks to dominate and lower the self-esteem of those who are subject to her power.

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10.19362. Strategy Of Cinderella.     AR AR


Syndrome  Cinderella is a metaphor for a sleeping Princess who sits in the tower of her dream and waits for either the Prince or the sea of weather.  On the other hand, the syndrome  Cinderella is ignorance and lack of understanding of the meaning of the story about Cinderella.  Real  Cinderella woke up and, taking an active position, cunningly won the Prince.


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10.19475.     AR AR

Over-love is too much attention.  A person gets used to attention and begins to feel the eternal insufficiency of this attention, try to attract attention, experience pain, sublimate it into anxiety and aggression.

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10.19671.     AR AR

Beautiful people are hungry for power and have a chronic fear of not having enough power.  Beautiful women are hard to love, they never get enough attention, they want to attract attention... and this, of course, turns them into nervous and love-dependent drug addicts.

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10.19674.     AR AR

When you are over-loved, you want to be bad, so that you are less loved.  When you are disliked, you want to be good, to be loved more.

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10.20405.     AR AR

There are different ways to restrain love.  You can be scandals and conflicts, you can lower someone else's self-esteem, you can pretend to be a Princess  Not funny, but you can arrange a quiet sabotage ... and constantly slip away.

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10.22307. Unity and struggle of idols and idolaters.     AR AR

Cleopatra syndrome is a woman's reaction to being overly in love.  The lover creates an idol out of a woman and wants to have power over her.  The situation creates addiction, withdrawal, fears, conflicts, power struggles, etc.

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