4.1883.     AR AR

A   crisis   is   not   an   illness   but   a   medicine.

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4.1886. The crisis is a devaluation of old values.     AR AR

The crisis is a process of inflation and depreciation of old values and the creation of new values.

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4.1888.     AR AR

Since crisis is a process of destruction, it means that it generates a process of energy release.

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5.2486.     AR AR

The   economics   of   the   crisis   of   overproduction   needs   cancer   immunotherapy.

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6.1424.     AR AR

The   crisis   of   overproduction   leads   to   a   deep   social   neurosis   which,   if   not   smoothed   out,   triggers   wars   and   aggression   in   a   society   and,   if   smoothed   out,   it   leads   to   laziness,   apathy   and   the   reign   of   stupidity   and   vice.

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6.1916.     AR AR

Economic   crises   are   neurotic   crises,   just   like   in   psychology.   Growing   fear   leads   to   cognitive   dissonance   resulting   in   conflicts   and   destruction.

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7.4414.     AR AR

Any crisis is a rebellion of unfulfilled desire.

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7.5285.     AR AR

The  construction  of  tombs  was  the  economic  foundation  of  ancient  Egyptian  society,  which  created  jobs,  prevented  the  crisis  of  overproduction  and  allowed  money  to  be  effectively  redistributed  in  society.

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9.7654.     AR AR

The  «Egyptian  pyramids»  project  is  a  great  solution  of  the  unemployment  and  overproduction  crises  problems.

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10.5095.     AR AR

The experiment "universe 25" clearly shows what the overproduction crisis leads to.

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10.20665. Take your time.     AR AR

The crisis is, in fact, an ordinary growth bust.  To get rid of crises, it is necessary to slow down the growth rate.  If growth is slow, the system will have time to adapt to it.  Too much will create a flood and a swamp.  The optimal growth rate is 1-3% per year.

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10.20918. An original way to overcome the overproduction crisis.     AR AR


By putting the entire world in quarantine for months, they reduced production on the one hand, increased consumption on the other, and eliminated overstocking in warehouses.  On the third hand, people, having felt idleness and boredom, became even more filled with a thirst for various services and entertainment, so the demand increased even more.  On the fourth hand, by collapsing the markets, they created a new space for growth.  I think it's genius!


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10.21191.     AR AR

The crisis is good and useful, if there have been no crises for a long time, they need to be provoked specifically.

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10.21228.     AR AR

By containing the conflict, you delay the explosion, but you increase its force.  The stronger the explosion, the more destructive and long-lasting the negative consequences will be.  The longer the peace, the longer the war.  Contradictions must be resolved instantly, and this is the essence of honesty and courage.

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10.21285.     AR AR

Crisis is a kind of caisson disease.  To avoid crises, one must avoid greed and haste.  Slower growth, fewer crises.

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10.21359.     AR AR

Fools are useful because they create work... and work is the Holy Grail of being.  If it weren't for the fools, we'd be out of work and starving or bored to death.  Boredom, by the way, is the mother of all vices and suffering.  Fools save us from a crisis of overproduction and hellish suffering.

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10.21372.     AR AR

Useless work is very useful and joyful, because it saves us from idleness and the crisis of overproduction.

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10.21388. A comforting thought.     AR AR

We are all forced to do what we don't want or can't do, which saves the system from an overproduction crisis.  If we do what we want and what we can, it will quickly Deplete our forces and resources of the system, creating a crisis of overproduction.

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10.21617.     AR AR

In times of crisis and decline, first of all, you should cut to the quick and minimize all energy leaks and unnecessary expenses.  It is impossible to prevent the fall, but you can save some resources so that after you find the bottom, you can start growing again from scratch.  Growing from scratch does not require a lot of initial energy, so if you can save something, it will be fine.

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10.21619.     AR AR

The crisis of overproduction is a product of human pride and greed.  First, pride always precedes exhaustion and decline, and this is unavoidable, and very useful for the system.  Secondly, pride is a neurosis, the very nature of which is of a wave nature.

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10.22366.     AR AR

You need to fall quickly, because falling is painful.  It takes a long time to grow, because growth is joyous.

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10.21741. The cleansing fire.     AR AR

Since the crisis of overproduction is associated with the overproduction of human vices and the depletion of demand for them…  I see such a crisis as a good and cleansing fire, in which all human sins and vices will be burned.

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10.22230.     AR AR

Slowly and gradually doing your job, once in five years you reach critical mass and explosive growth.  The five-year period is the average period of time when minimal gradual sequential efforts achieve explosive growth.

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10.22231.     AR AR

Less Is More.  Most of your income comes from 20% of your time, and all the rest you spend on all sorts of fun... and this is great, because it saves us from a crisis of overproduction.  You need at least five consumers per Creator. 

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