10.11301. Complete truth.     AR AR

You think you've learned the truth.  Starting with the superficial truth (lie), going deeper and digging, you reached the bottom, finding the root of everything and everything.  Now that you've reached the primary point, you think you're very smart.  I'll disappoint you.  Truth is the totality of the point in the center of the ball, all the extreme points of its outer area, and all possible paths from the center to the surface.  Truth is everything.

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10.11310. In the top ten.     AR AR

The logic of turning events into conclusions doesn't really matter.  It is more important that the same conclusions can be drawn in different ways.  However, you should always remember that the truth is not a destructively small point, but a ball of sufficiently large diameter.

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10.11498. The ball of truth.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   philosophy   of   the   matrix   of   States.   Syntalism   collects   different   points   of   view,   but   does   not   judge   them,   and   puts   them   in   a   solid   ball   of   truth.

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10.11628.     AR AR

Truth is not a ball, but a ball made up of a thread, each step of which is a small truth.

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10.17900. The ball of truth.     AR AR

Thought is only a facet of being, one of the extremes, but how many extremes will you find in the ball?

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10.18004. The ball of truth.     AR AR

By holding back extremes, you do not reject them, but you humble them by squeezing and turning them into one.

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10.18852. Equality of points.     AR AR

The absolute is a ball of truth.  Perfect points are points on the surface of the ball.  All others are points within the sphere of truth.  Is there anyone else here?  Is there someone here who is more or less important?

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10.19639.     AR AR

The   exact   definition   of   truth   should   be   given.   Truth   is   everything.   The   truth   is   the   reality   and   the   potential.   Truth   is   a   ball,   the   totality   of   all   points   on   the   surface   and   inside   the   ball.   The   essence   of   the   search   for   truth   is   quite   simple:   you   should   look   for   a   lie   and,   by   denying   it,   prove   that   a   lie   is   the   truth.   In   fact,   a   lie   is   the   same   as   darkness,   that   is,   something   that   does   not   exist   even   potentially.   The   book   "Variothoughts"   proves   that   lies   and   darkness   cannot   exist   even   potentially.   Everything   is   beauty.   Everything   is   the   truth.   Everything   is   in   order.   Everything   is   God.   To   deny   these   simple   truths   is   ignorance.   The   essence   of   the   search   for   truth   is   to   come   to   the   unity   of   truth   through   division   and   multiplicity.

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10.21520. Infinite system.     AR AR

Truth and falsehood are a sphere of which you have already known part, and the second part is not yet known.  The part you don't know is what you call a lie, but it's actually the truth.  The most joyous thing about this system is that the truth is inexhaustible.

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10.21521. An infinitely stupid man.     AR AR

The ball of truth is an infinitely large system where knowledge is limited and ignorance is infinite.  Limited knowledge is always infinitely small compared to unlimited infinite ignorance.  Thus, a person always  is infinitely ignorant.  The awareness of one's own stupidity, which is very dependent on the size of one's knowledge, the greater the knowledge, the greater the awareness of the enormity of ignorance.

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