7.83. What to look at in the first place.     AR AR

What  matters  most  in  a  man  is  how  well  he  controls  his  monster.

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1886.     AR AR

A   three-level   person.   With   the   face   hidden   under   various   masks.   The   masks   hide   a   monster.   The   monster   guards   the   soul   made   for   love   and   light.   Hence,   masks   hide   the   monster   who   guards   a   tender   kind   soul.

The   monster   is   necessary   so   that   no   one   would   ever   smear   a   fragile   clean   soul.And   the   masks   are   necessary   so   that   no   one   would   panic   at   the   sight   of   the   monster...

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10.9196.     AR AR

Loving your neighbor is a big problem.  The ordinary man is monstrous at close range and not at all like the ideal he sees from afar.  Usually neighbors can't stand each other.

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10.9496.     AR AR

You have to put up with your monster, you have to love your monster ... Love for your monster is love for yourself.  This is the kind of love without which love for one's neighbor is impossible.  If you forgive yourself all your sins, you will also forgive others.

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10.9727.     AR AR

A woman likes an aggressive man.  He swears, the woman cries, he is tormented by remorse, he seeks peace...  Women take over.  The hero who defeated the monster is joyful.

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10.9566.     AR AR

Women love monsters...  The reason is banal, all men are monsters, so there is no special choice.  Moreover, if a man hides his monster too much, he will be suspected of hypocrisy and lies.  Lying is what kills love.

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10.9868.     AR AR

Yesterday I met two angels, absolutely beautiful on the outside, but absolutely monstrous on the inside.

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10.17137.     AR AR

He who is prone to slavery is monstrous in his desire for power.  Slaves who became masters are the living embodiment of evil.

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10.17177.     AR AR

Courage is the humility of fear, not the killing of it.  By killing fear, you will create a monstrous pride, whose middle name is fear.

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10.17239. Be discreet.     AR AR

With Santa Claus, you need to be friends and be polite.  However, keep your distance from him, close up this cute man turns into a monster.

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10.17305.     AR AR

Fear makes a person immoral, so you can't teach people through fear.  A mind devoid of morality is monstrous.

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10.17732.     AR AR

Intelligent animals are inherently monstrous.  A mind devoid of love becomes a monster.  In fact, true reason is love, and what is devoid of love is monstrous and immoral.  Monstrous boredom fills the souls of animals and turns them into monsters.

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10.18256.     AR AR

The only thing that justifies a man is that he is a man.  There are no other excuses for this monster.

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10.18257.     AR AR

The Bible places a special emphasis on loving one's neighbor, because the relationship between neighbors is monstrous.  People are monsters, you can't really see them from a distance, but up close, it's obvious.

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10.18259.     AR AR

All those you fear are as terrible as you are.

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10.18549.     AR AR

People are very bad, and I am very bad.  However, potentially the system requires a balance, the bad should be compensated by the good.  I have an awful lot of bad in me, how much good is there in me?

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10.19163.     AR AR

Addiction turns a person into a child.  An angry, aggressive, and selfish child who, fortunately, is very afraid of the whip.

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10.19759.     AR AR

Man is a monster disguised as a man.  When you remove a man's mask, you turn him into a monster.

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10.19760.     AR AR

Man is the devil.  God created man and is now trying to reform him into a decent man

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10.19965.     AR AR

Why is a vampire not reflected in a mirror and has no shadow?  Because he thinks he is perfect, and everything that was wrong with him, projects to other people.  Vampires do not like people and drink their blood, because they believe them to be monsters.  Vampires are distinguished by external ideality and a desire for personal perfection.

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