10.19700.     AR AR

You shouldn't be afraid of not achieving your goal.  One who throws a dart at a target all day can never miss it.  Here you can help and chance, and training.

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10.17897.     AR AR

Restraint is the taut string of the bow necessary to shoot an arrow at a target.  However, restraint without love and reason is useless.  For love is an Epiphany, it points out targets for shooting.

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10.17683.     AR AR

When you are offended, raise your spirit.  When you are praised, belittle your spirit.  Offense is shooting at low targets.  Praise is shooting at high targets.

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10.17094.     AR AR

It is not necessary to make plans for victory, you should focus on the war here and now.  Survive, shoot, attack, retreat, counterattack, etc.

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5.2950. Universal principles.     AR AR

The ancient Persians considered it a virtue to tell the truth and shoot a bow well. It is curious that in Confucius you will read about the same principles of virtue. It is interesting that later the same principles passed from Babylon to Judaism and Christianity, then to Islam, etc.

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3.1071. A broad view of profits.     AR AR

A businessman is someone who aims at a target, forcing his archers to shoot a dozen.  The point is that the archers will be rewarded for ten, and the businessman for all the arrows that hit the target.

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3.1070.     AR AR

Effectiveness   and   precision   are   different   things.   Precision   is   not   very   effective   for   a   number   of   reasons.   It   would   be   more   appropriate   to   point   the   target   than   the   mark.   The   bigger   the   target,   the   more   chances   you   have   to   hit   it.

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5.883.     AR AR

The strategy of the big man is that the Jaguar attacks its victims by rushing down the cliff.

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3.326.     AR AR

When   you   aim   at   the   future,   first,   aim   higher;   second,   seven   can   be   higher   than   ten;   and,   third,   the   bigger   the   target,   the   easier   you   will   hit   it.

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3.461. Perpetual motion.     AR AR

The wave structure of being is something like a taut bowstring or cocking a spring. 

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3.325.     AR AR

Than further on time, the higher aim, bullet flies canopy.

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3.155. Wind correction     AR AR


The   farther   a   goal   is   in   terms   of   time,   the   greater   the   need   to   adjust   for   the   wind   of   fortuities.   Aim   for   something   close   to  the  target.  


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3.58.     AR AR

To   achieve   your   true   goal,   look   for   what   is   close   to   it.   Point   slightly   to   the   side.

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