10.12217.     AR AR

Illusions and fantasies of people are quite stereotyped and formulaic, but the real world is truly diverse and unique.

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10.12483.     AR AR

Interest in the subject is supported through the finding of new and original conclusions about it.  Stagnant, ignorant, and formulaic minds are not able to generate new conclusions, and therefore can not focus attention for a long time.

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10.12487. Presvedcit.     AR AR

Ignorant and formulaic minds are incapable of knowing, because they are cowardly and afraid to find new facets of objects.

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10.13075.     AR AR

Stereotyped thinking is when attention is stuck on a single level.  Attention must move, focusing or spreading out.  You can't focus only on the details or only on the whole.

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10.13236. Goal formation.     AR AR

A paradigm is a template formed by a dominant idea on the basis of which the mind will search for (select) information from the real world.

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10.13243.     AR AR

The key object that attracted the attention of the dominant and generated associative relationships can be any beautiful or simply attracted the attention of the subject, but most often it is a template defined by the paradigm of the goal.

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10.14162.     AR AR

The mind affected by an overdose of pleasure (sugar) is prone to black-and-white and formulaic thinking, because it looks for strong sources of pleasure in large forms, and neglects small details.

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10.18927.     AR AR


Neurotics (the proud)  they do not tolerate violations of their templates, they see it as a personal disrespect.


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10.19105.     AR AR

Chronic fear, reduces sensitivity and sexual activity.  Women whose heads are full of patterns and stereotypes are constantly afraid of their violations, which greatly reduces their sexuality.

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10.19357. Elasticity of stereotypes.     AR AR

Integrity in the unity of the ritual of chance.  Rituals kill fear, but they also create fear.  You should make rituals flexible, add randomness and freedom to them.

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10.19429.     AR AR

Love for your illusions creates the effect of additional reality.  A person falls in love with a real object, puts an ideal image on it, and then gets terribly angry and angry when the pattern of illusions ceases to converge with reality.  Such a person does not see reality, but being blinded by an idealized image, he loves his illusions.

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10.20934.     AR AR


The stereotyped thinking gives rise to fear, because it stops movement. The movement is joyful and fear kills. Stereotyped impedes growth, making it difficult to push boundaries.


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10.22025.     AR AR

Unique entities are entitled to their energy.  Accordingly, template entities contain less energy than unique and independent entities.

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589.     AR AR

In  following  the  course  of  stereotypes  I  see  keen  competition. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


450.     AR AR

I  should  choose  the  more  of  two  evils  undoubtedly  it  will  be  more  interesting  this  way. 
The  rubber  stamp  is  broken,  later  the  course  of  events  as  is  known,  -  remains  unknown... 

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



5.8. The previous person.     AR AR

A fool is nakladem labels, he's always on everything paste labels...  The pattern of thinking compresses the brain of this person in the close narrow framework of stereotypes, in which he acutely wants to fit the rest of the world.  But the rest of the world in the head of a fool is placed badly, because you have to sacrifice almost all of its content.  From the diversity of real life in the mind of the fool are only labels. 

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