10.9639.     AR AR

The learning zone (that is, the zone of love, experience, and knowledge) is the zone with the highest productivity and efficiency.

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10.10023.     AR AR

The search for comfort is not the meaning of life, but addiction and the search for the next dose.  You get used to drugs quickly, and the torment of the Princess on the pea is terrible.

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10.11812. Triple perfection.     AR AR

A harmonious person is perfect in spirit, body, and world.  Consistently improving from easy to difficult, it grows up, constantly growing out of the comfort zone.

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10.12488.     AR AR

Courage is the capacity for arbitrary attention.  After all, every time you take your attention away from the sticky trap, you feel fear and go to the pain, leaving the comfort zone.

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10.14532.     AR AR

You can sympathize with someone who is looking for comfort.  The one who has chosen comfort as the meaning of his life suffers greatly.

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10.20934.     AR AR


The stereotyped thinking gives rise to fear, because it stops movement. The movement is joyful and fear kills. Stereotyped impedes growth, making it difficult to push boundaries.


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10.21734.     AR AR

The greater your pain threshold, the greater your strength.  Power is joyous.  Thus, when you feel pain and fear, go for them, training and raising your pain threshold higher and higher.

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10.22261.     AR AR

The purpose of most conflicts is to force a person to leave their comfort zone and gain the ability to grow.

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10.22273. What exactly are you afraid of?     AR AR

The comfort zone is located on both sides of the border.  Not comfort is generated by the very fact of crossing the border when moving from one comfort zone to another.

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10.22320. Imperfection is the joy of growth.     AR AR

The meaning of free will is that a person chooses his own goal (dream)  and begins to grow towards it, entering the path of improvement.  Initially, a person is perfect for their tasks, but choosing a new goal, they take a step into imperfection and get the opportunity to grow again, feeling the joy of endless growth.

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7.59. No comfort zone.     AR AR

Leaving the comfort zone means that you do not undertake easy, but for heavy tasks.  You do difficult, uninteresting, heavy, terrible, unclear, that is not desirable and causes concern...  This approach to life trains you and makes you stronger.

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650. [In brevi]     AR AR

Warm  comfortable  peace  takes  power  away, 
one  doesn't  want  to  do  anything, 
an  organism  craves  for  being  beaten... 

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