5.5506.     AR AR

If nobody understands or cares, apparently you missed the principle of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". You do not understand and do not appreciate people, they reciprocate you. Your vain assertion that you understand everything and everyone is self-deception.

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6.1847.     AR AR

Try not to ask anyone for free services. Always pay for your desires. People have spent their time, time is energy, money and love. You have to pay for what you took, or you'll upset the balance.

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6.2969.     AR AR

The essence of the principle "you-to me, I-to you" is that the giver is not disappointed that he gives good. Why pay expensive for good and for evil in pain.

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6.5999.     AR AR

Anyone who distributes freebies is a demon, condemning people to suffering. Violating the principle of balance and harmony "you-to me, I-to you" is doomed to hell.

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6.6419. Greed breeds greed.     AR AR

When you ask, just give. If you ask and do not give in return what they want or expect, most likely, you will be sent far and rightly. Especially if you have what is asked, and you do not give greed.

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7.1257.     AR AR

Any request requires reverse services. Requests are like husband and wife, always go in pairs, you I you. It's law.

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10.1597. Not a lot of honor?     AR AR

Given the principle of energy balance " you-me, I-you.".. idolatry is the product of the sin of pride.  You bow to be bowed to.  You pray to God that God will pray for you.

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10.4991. You to me, I to you.     AR AR

The lover receives delight and admiration from the object of his love.  What should he give in return?  Correctly, a lover should give his love admiration and joy.

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10.8292.     AR AR

You – me, I-you this scheme won-won, symbiosis and mutual use.  All other relationships create a conflict of active and passive positions.

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10.8424. Mutually beneficial cooperation.     AR AR

It's great to be used, so you're useful.  Show reciprocity and find usefulness in your new symbiont.

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10.8536.     AR AR

Rudeness is intemperance.  The "you - to - me, I-to-you" principle requires reciprocity.  You were honest, and I will be honest.

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10.9749.     AR AR

Ask, and you will be given, for to give to someone who does not ask is like violence, extortion, and a violation of the balance of being.

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10.9872.     AR AR

It seems to the proud man that he owes something to those whom he loves, respectively, they owe him.  People think he gives because he loves, and he's a liar ...  just a greedy moneylender who lends love at huge interest rates.

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10.9909.     AR AR

"You-me, I-you" is the principle of responsibility for your actions.  Wanting freebies and avoiding responsibility is infantilism.

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8.1481.1.     AR AR

Everything  you  get  is  the  payment  for  everything  you  give-  nothing  more,  nothing  less. 

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10.10097. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.     AR AR

A kind gift that requires nothing in return reminds me of a situation where a fire lights a candle.  That is, the fire under a very plausible and romantic pretext devours the candle, telling everyone stories about how healthy and beautiful it is.

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10.10098.     AR AR

If you take something from the outside and give nothing in return, you will lose the ability to produce what came from the outside.  I see deadly danger in freebies.

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10.11091.     AR AR

Proud people are very greedy people.  Giving them is dangerous in the sense that it creates in them a subconscious greed and unwillingness to give anything in return.

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10.12063. Candy justice.     AR AR

You gave candy to the person you love.  In return, you got joy.  The deal is closed.  Your desire to get the candy back is a gross injustice.

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10.20247. Mutually useful people.     AR AR

Harmony is when everyone is eating each other, they use and rejoice.

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10.20318. The preservation of the integrity.     AR AR

Harmony is a balance and a model of concessions.  Everyone makes some concessions to each other for the sake of maintaining harmony in the system.

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10.21054.     AR AR

In this world, everything is a constant and nothing can be changed, reduced or increased.  The energy balance is always the same.

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10.21912. Two mirrors.     AR AR

Man is reflected in the mirror of reality, but reality is also reflected in the mirror of man.

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