10.9260.     AR AR

The one who judges is arrogant, and therefore proud.  You don't want to tell the truth to arrogant people, such people only want to lie.  Therefore, the proud always think that everyone is lying to them.

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10.17824.     AR AR

People are stupid and you are smart…  It would be good if it were true.

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10.18160.     AR AR

Your problem is that you think you're the smartest.  You should consider yourself just smart, but the best is overkill and pride, which means ruin

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10.18377.     AR AR

Tell me, why don't you like people?  They don't want to do what you want them to do?  You are a proud man, hungry for power, and people do not want to obey you?  Take an example from me, I do not want or expect anything from people, and therefore they are quite nice to me.

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10.18841.     AR AR

You should not think about what people are bad, but why they are afraid of you.  What did I do wrong, why were they afraid of me?  This is what an experienced person thinks.

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10.19017.     AR AR

A person usually blames others in order to prove to himself that he is good.  The idiots around you raise your self-esteem very much, and this person's self-esteem is gaseous.

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10.20062. Holy man.     AR AR

He keeps the bad ones around him and makes them look like a Saint.  He likes being a Saint.

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10.20562.     AR AR

An inferiority complex always creates the feeling that everyone around you is bad.  When everyone around you is bad, it greatly increases your own self-esteem.

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10.21017.     AR AR


The winner is always the weakest.  Small, but courageous and attentive to the enemy  David always wins the strong, but blinded by complacency and contempt for others Goliath.


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10.21301.     AR AR

Bad dancer always something hinders, not Slippers, so fools, not fools, so expensive.

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10.21359.     AR AR

Fools are useful because they create work... and work is the Holy Grail of being.  If it weren't for the fools, we'd be out of work and starving or bored to death.  Boredom, by the way, is the mother of all vices and suffering.  Fools save us from a crisis of overproduction and hellish suffering.

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10.21365. A vicious circle.     AR AR

The cause of all your suffering is not the world or even fools with roads, but your own beliefs.  Beliefs are the paradigm through which you see the world.  Genesis (via the feedback mechanism)  defines emotions and consciousness.

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10.21419.     AR AR

If you feel contempt for someone, stop yourself immediately.  Contempt is pride, and therefore the inevitable source of your own misery and failure.  Take care of yourself, love people and the world around you.

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7.268. Surrounded by enemies.     AR AR

If  you  love  people,  they  will  become  your  friends  and  will  help  you.  If  you  do  not  like  people,  everything  will  be  just  the  opposite.

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