6.5676.     AR AR

What you sow, you reap-it's a lie, you reap a hundred times more plus the chaff.

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6.5758.     AR AR

The more trees in your garden, the more and more diverse will be the harvest. Plant trees and give everyone quite a bit of attention and time, Nature will do the rest.

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10.11886. Do good and throw it in the water.     AR AR

Your good deeds that need to be released are like the seeds that the sower throws into the field.  Some seeds will fall by the roadside, others will fall into thorns, and others will give rich shoots.

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10.12848. You need to be able to wait.     AR AR

The one who gets to the end collects the harvest.  The one who sows and leaves-the harvest will not gather.

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10.13389.     AR AR

You can let go of your desires in different ways.  You can throw them aside with anger, like stones.  You can, like a juggler, happily throw up, and then catch back.  You can, like a fisherman, do good and throw it into the water.  You can, like a sower, sow good and light.

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10.15173.     AR AR


Don't move, the one who knows how to wait will reap a good harvest.


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10.15515.     AR AR

Don't be afraid of bad things.  The bad grows and becomes the good.  Bad is the seed in the earth that seeks the light.

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10.15685. Do good and throw it in the water.     AR AR

He who scatters, sows and harvests.  The one who is frugal beyond measure-does not sow, and does not collect the harvest, then eats all the seeds and remains with nothing.

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10.15838. A narrow gate.     AR AR

The narrow gate is a metaphor for the fact that excesses will spoil everything.  You need to go on the road at a minimum and try to solve all your problems with a minimum of funds.  Faith the size of a mustard seed is enough to plant a barley seed and grow the Kingdom of heaven.  The narrow gate is a symbol of restraint, when a person pacifies the greedy hunger of his pride and directs his demon to the right path.

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10.16652.     AR AR

The scourge of old age is avarice.  We can say that people do not die of old age, but from avarice.  Saving on seeds, fertilizers and irrigation leads to degradation and loss of the crop.

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10.16856.     AR AR

What does it mean to love people? 
"Plant a garden."

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10.21553.     AR AR

Take a small one and grow it into a big one, too. remember the parable of the sower and the seed, so spread it wide and be prepared for the fact that many grains will not come up.

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10.21807. The sower.     AR AR

The point is to go picking up grain by grain. The point is to throw these seeds into the ground. Time to collect stones and time to scatter stones.

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