10.11888. Accomplice.     AR AR

Anger, fear, laziness are also all the vices that you spend your precious time on, distracting it from serving your true goals.  In fact, vices deceive you and steal your time.

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10.11889.     AR AR

Be attentive to vices, these liars and thieves under any pretext want to steal your time and energy.

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10.11899.     AR AR

You only have the time that is now, whether there will be time yet is unknown, so try to use every second available to yourself as productively as possible.

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10.16213. Provocation.     AR AR

Many insults and insults should be ignored out of greed.  Madly sorry for the time and effort that will have to spend on revenge.

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10.19222.     AR AR

You need to deny yourself pleasure, it is better preserved this way.

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10.20610.     AR AR

Time is love.  What time is spent on is love.

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10.20654.     AR AR

A smart person sublimates boredom into useful activity, and a fool spends priceless time on pleasures and vices.

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10.20959.     AR AR

A minimum of funds can do more than a maximum.  When you have a lot of money, you will do a lot of unnecessary things, thus losing a huge amount of valuable time.  When you don't have enough money, you only do what you need to do, and it speeds you up significantly.

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10.20962.     AR AR

People who don't understand words are wasting your time....  Avoid them.

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10.21055.     AR AR

No matter how much you hurry, no matter how much effort and nervous energy you spend on speed and time, it is always a constant.  If you drive more quietly, you will go further, because when the speed is constant, you will be able to save energy and go a long distance by slowing down.

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10.21159.     AR AR

When you are slow, you are time-saving, because you know that you have no time to spare.  The one who is fast believes that he has a lot of time, and therefore becomes an easy victim of temptations and temptations.

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10.21630.     AR AR

In the darkest hour, you can also sleep, minimizing energy consumption to a minimum.

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10.21739.     AR AR

Faith is a constant effort.  You can't stop faith.  Constantly make efforts to restrain yourself, so as not to exhaust yourself and, without making too much, stop, so losing your faith.

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10.22359.     AR AR

Haste is harmful because you do not have time to get feedback from reality, you begin to multiply errors, and then long and tedious to redo them, losing valuable time.

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