9.6756.     AR AR

Most bad advice comes from the fact that the adviser says something that he was not asked. In addition, the situation is known to him only from his point of view and does not correspond to the entire integrity of the picture.

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9.6826.     AR AR

I  wouldn't  recommend  you  to  go  by  someone's  free  advice.  Something  given  for  free  is  worthless  and  useless  too...  but  time  goes  by  and  time  is  money,  and  the  price  for  stupid  mistakes  can  be  really  high.

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9.8053.     AR AR

Try to refrain from advice, what, to whom and how to do, if you are not asked. For such advice and beat can.

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9.9023.     AR AR

Clever advice will not help a fool, because a fool is blind and does not see the light of truth.

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10.1005. Less is often better than more.     AR AR

The expert knows his business a maximum of 99%, and the ignorant 1%.  However, these are different percentages.  Without neglecting the advice of the ignorant, they often see things from very unexpected angles, while experts are mired in patterns and stereotypes.

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10.1270. Stupid advice and guidance.     AR AR

The advice of the clever is proud and formulaic; the advice of the foolish is ignorant and unexpected.  In fact, both are nonsense, terribly far from life, but if they are combined, the truth is born.

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10.2030.     AR AR

With age idealists lose perfection bodies and in a badge of compensation this shortage of are beginning considered themselves extremely smart, cherish, when with them consult and very are offended, when their opinion neglect.

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10.7757.     AR AR

All authorities need constant confirmation of their authority, so they love it when they ask for advice and Express respect for them.

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10.8852. Word of mouth.     AR AR

Idealists believe that everyone must love and hate the same things they do...  and it's great when they love you...  Idealists love sincerely and passionately, the main thing is not to disappoint them.

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10.11163.     AR AR

Chess teaches us restraint in giving stupid advice.  It is unacceptable to interfere with someone else's game and give players advice on how to walk.

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10.11851.     AR AR

The closer the adviser is to the sun, the greater the shadow that covers the sun.  The more disenfranchised the better.

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10.12662.     AR AR

By drawing people's attention to details, you make them better by breaking down dichotomous thinking.  The more colorful details a person sees, the better.

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10.12688.     AR AR

Will you listen to me if I give you good advice?

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10.13420.     AR AR

The easiest way to please a person is to ask their opinion on some issue, and then sincerely thank them for their opinion.   At the same time, it is desirable to immediately move away, so that it would be impossible to determine whether you followed the advice or not.

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10.13475. What do you think about stem cells?     AR AR

Advice is violence.  Advice is an alien entity that does not take root in the human brain.  It is much more useful to motivate people to look for their answers by asking leading questions.  I also like the interpretation of aphorisms and quotations, such reflections also generate truth.

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10.14993. Worthless advice.     AR AR

If you want to tell a man that he is a fool, refrain from doing so until he asks for it.  You can't teach someone who doesn't ask for it, and if they do, ask for money for advice, because free advice doesn't cost anything.  Worthless advice is harmful, because it absorbs time and energy and generates nothing but fear.

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10.15726. Go to a psychologist.     AR AR

In a difficult situation, it's better to be alone than alone.  Four eyes see more than two.  One in the field is not a warrior.  One mind is good, and two are better.  It is advisable to listen to one more opinion or advice before coming to any opinion or decision.

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10.19510.     AR AR

To live in harmony means that the husband does not teach the wife, and the wife admires her husband.  Everyone is happy with what they have.

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10.20251.     AR AR

Every person is cunning and wise in someone else's trouble, but in his own helpless, because he is afraid of his own trouble and is paralyzed with horror,and people's fears are difficult to understand.

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