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The Phoenix bird is a symbol of the eternal rebirth of the fire of love.  The Phoenix bird is an eternal fire, fed from within.

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10.19484.     AR AR

True love is a symbol of eternal fire.  Eternal fire is a metaphor for a miracle, a perpetual motion machine, an inexhaustible source of energy.  Inexhaustibility of energy comes from a correct understanding  God (being).  God is beauty, perfection, knowledge, and love.  Everything is beauty and everything can be endlessly happy, drawing energy from this joy.  Everything is perfection, which can be endlessly known.  Knowledge is also joyous. 

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Symbol  The burning Bush is a symbol of love for God, where  God is a symbol of love, truth, and perfection.  The knowledge of truth and the service of beauty is a joyous and infinitely time-consuming process.  The symbol can be interpreted as a man who is focused on the love of higher goals, and the fire woman loves this man, but does not burn him, because he is focused on the highest, not trying not to run away from the woman, not to make an idol out of fire.

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10.19481. The symbol of the burning Kupava is a symbol of humility in love.     AR AR


The greedy thirst for love is the desire for fire, so that the moths fly into the fire.  Fire requires sacrifices in the form of  burning, which is stupid.  The fire thinks it can get enough of the moths, but it won't.  The moths are very small and burn quickly.  The fire lives in perpetual fear that it may go out.  The truth is that fire does not need moths, which fire despises, or animals that fear it, but a reasonable person who knows how to handle fire.


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10.19204.     AR AR

Truth is that which, having fallen, can rise.  Truth is not afraid of dirt and lies.

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10.14419. Fire.     AR AR

The one who is courageous and not afraid of fire has a chance of salvation.  Moths do not fly into the fire to burn, but because it looks like hell on the outside, and Paradise on the inside.  Those who accept fear and pain go to heaven.

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10.8375.     AR AR

Sensitivity to pain and fear makes people weak, limiting their access to internal energy.  The sun is burning inside a person, but if a person does not have the courage and humility with pain, he will not be able to use this energy.  Fear and pain is a force field that protects energy from useless use.

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7.6456.     AR AR

A man can't go to heaven without going to hell. Hell is a place where a person is burned out of all his sins, vices and lies. If there is truth in man besides falsehood, it remains and goes to heaven. Truth is not afraid of fire. Therefore, fire is the most effective mechanism for separating grain from chaff, truth from lies.

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6.4839.     AR AR

Burning Kupava is the one who conquered fear.

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