10.11208.     AR AR

First of all, you need to learn how to lose.  The inability to lose is the Achilles ' heel of the hero.

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10.11271.     AR AR

Too much courage breeds pride.  Pride is the Achilles ' heel of the strong.  How many of these strong and courageous people died after losing their fear?

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10.11815. In the cauldron.     AR AR

Pride makes us very vulnerable and touchy.  We admire the higher ones and suffer from their inattention.  At the same time, despising the lower ones, we are terribly angry and offended by their irreverence or aggression.  As a result, the proud man's thoughts are filled with resentment, pain, and fear.

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Don't let strangers touch you.  Words that are accompanied by touches become very convincing.  If you are touched, you will become very vulnerable.

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Running away is probably even more dangerous than attacking.  The back is completely defenseless.

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Suffering and sorrow are chains of slavery that make us slaves to vices.  The usual mask of Vice is a consolation against suffering.

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10.18361. Achilles ' heel.     AR AR

The desire for control of the proud knows no limit.  For a while, they succeed in this endeavor, but sooner or later, the situation gets out of control, and it breaks them.  Demoralized, the proud begin to fall and slowly die.  It is hard for the proud to lose control, but life is happy, because justice requires retribution.

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10.18591.     AR AR

Everything should be loved, including the enemy, for love is mindfulness and knowledge.  If you don't notice the danger, if you don't know the danger, you will become very vulnerable.  Vulnerability will create fear in you, fear of doubt.  Doubt will destroy your faith and Rob you of your strength.  If you lose your strength, you will destroy yourself with your own hands.

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10.18639.     AR AR

When you hope for something outside, you give your energy outside, and it drains you and takes away your strength.  Exhausted, you will become an easy victim of fear and lies.

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10.19238. Achilles ' heel.     AR AR

You can't control your drug.  The addict cannot control his drug, under any circumstances, even if the rest of the world is at his feet.

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10.19656.     AR AR

Vice he kills himself for his short temper.  The defect is similar to cancer metastases.

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10.20055.     AR AR

What you want most will destroy you... and what you want most is pleasure.  Too much pleasure kills itself.

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10.20277.     AR AR

Escape from reality is the displacement of your problems, fears, and pain.  Having pushed out of himself everything that he does not like, the person remains naked and defenseless in the world of his sweet illusions.

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10.21655.     AR AR

The Achilles ' heel is a symbol that the proud are strong, but something small will destroy them, something that they will despise and not notice.

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