10.18632.     AR AR

As long as you are proud, you should not dream about the future, but should make decisions spontaneously and in an instant, then fearlessly follow them, no matter what.  The fact is that the hopes of a proud man destroy reality and it is impossible to make plans for the future.

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10.18634.     AR AR

In order for your hopes for the future to come true, you need to live with reality and overcome your pride.  The hopes of the proud are unrealistic, but if you attain humility, you will have power over the future.

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10.18636.     AR AR

Don't make any plans for the future.  Especially do not take the skin of a bear that has not been killed, for all this is pride, and the hopes of the proud are destroyed.

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10.18645.     AR AR

Found a scythe on a stone is when a proud person with the help of fear or temptations of lies tries to gain power over someone else's love.

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10.18721.     AR AR

Constant checks are distrust, which means not love... which means not fruitfulness.  Everything you don't trust is fruitless.

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10.21584. If only you could control your pride.     AR AR

Pride precedes falling, because pride likes to lie down... while life is movement.  It is hard for a proud man to walk, he goes only to reach the goal and lie down.  The meaning of being a proud man is not a movement or even a goal, but he likes to sleep, lie down, idleness and pleasure.

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10.21653. A barren Fig tree.     AR AR

Pride is when all efforts are useless and futile.  Pride is vanity of vanities.  Pride is a movement that leaves nothing but desolation.  Pride is a fruitless love.

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10.21672.     AR AR

Pride precedes a fall, and it is not even that the greedy will stumble or fall into a pit.  Everything is much more banal.  Pride is a thirst  pleasure.  The proud man will climb into the hole and lie down to rest himself.  The meaning of being a proud man is to lie down and sleep.  Proud people love dreams.

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10.21753.     AR AR

Every extended process is like truth and love.  Haste and impatience are like lies and pride.  The first leads us to joy, and the second precedes the fall.

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10.21768.     AR AR

The problem of pride is a gigantomania in the initial stages of the path, which  it doesn't fit in the eye of a needle at all.  You should realize the gigantic idea as a metaphor for the carpet, and your current small actions as a thin thread inserted into the eye of a needle.

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10.21797. The needle is you.     AR AR

The path to Paradise leads through the eye of a needle, so you should not suffer from gigantomania, but look for a thin thread, pulling which you can insert it into the needle.  By the way, you are the needle.  Your task is to weave the fabric of reality and create a Paradise.

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10.21834. An empty hope.     AR AR

What do you hope for?  What are you praying for?  Are you asking for your pride to be fed?  Are you asking me to satisfy your lust for power and pleasure?  Are you asking me to satisfy your bottomless hunger and insatiable fear?

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10.21845.     AR AR

When you push out hope and direct it at another person, you are left without a driving force.  To keep yourself motivated and save yourself from agonizing expectations and procrastination, let go of your hope and forget about it.  Imagine what you would do if there was no hope at all.

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10.21926.     AR AR

Pride is a greedy run that drains your strength, and when you fall exhausted and fall asleep, you don't want to Wake up.  Sweet dreams and exhaust the forces of reality.  Of course, you'd rather die.

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10.21930.     AR AR

The hopes of pride look foolish and false enough.  Empty, vain, and greedy hopes based on nothing.  The problem with pride is its desire to make money out of thin air.  Theoretically, this is possible if accompanied by courage and determination, but if the proud man himself is afraid of his greed, then procrastination will overcome him.

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