10.21530.     AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other cheek so that you don't fear the blows of fate and don't live in fear.  Those who are afraid of pain live in eternal fear.

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Hit on one  turn the other side of your face to calm the fear of pain.  What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

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10.18400.     AR AR

The sum of the sufferings and joys of every human life is zero…  The only difference is the amplitude of vibrations and the presence of love in the body.  For those in whom there is love, suffering is joyous, and for those in whom there is no love, joy becomes  poison.

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10.18951.     AR AR

What is suffering?  Weakness of faith.  Faith is movement and joy, and suffering is joy and lack of movement.

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10.19622.     AR AR

A just punishment is joyous and there is no resentment in it. 

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You don't have to run away from fear, you have to overcome fear with curiosity... waiting with curiosity for what will happen, you subdue fear, turning it into pleasure.

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You can not run from pain, the body needs a medium-constant level of small habitual pain in order to avoid the fear of pain.

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10.21647. Wonderful medicine.     AR AR

Pain heals!  In the fire of our sufferings, all our sins and vices are consumed.  When the fire is burned out, the suffering will go away and a blissful peace will come.

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10.21651.     AR AR

Love to ride, love to drive a sled.  If you love heaven and pleasure, then love hell, pain and suffering.  Don't run away from pain and fear.  What hurts, the more it hurts, the faster it will hurt and you will go back to heaven.

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10.21713.     AR AR

I hadn't run for a long time, and it was only when I started running that I felt pain, but the pain was joyous to me.  "It's good for me to get used to the pain,"I thought," it will increase my stamina and give me strength."  In anticipation of future strength, I happily ran forward.

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10.21957.     AR AR

Fatalism is trusting fate and God.  We are afraid, but we are happy, because everything is for the best.

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10.21985.     AR AR


Use fear to kill your vices.  Fear and pain like a hot iron burn out all our sins and vices.


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