10.18864.     AR AR

For potential to become reality, you need love.

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10.18892. Hope is love through the looking glass.     AR AR

Hope is a small love in the future that grows from the future to the present and in the present turns into true love.

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10.18906.     AR AR

To make a lie true, you need power, such as the power of love, money, or intelligence...

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10.18942.     AR AR

Once a man is freed from the bondage of Vice, all roads are open to him.  Vices steal time and energy, hindering the pursuit of perfection and turning dreams into reality.  In fact, vices are what hinder the magic of love.

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10.19265.     AR AR

The meaning of wholeness is to know your dreams and achieve inner identity with them.  When a person becomes identical with the object of his love, he finds unity with them.  Unity of identity is a situation where dreams become reality, and the inner corresponds to the outer.

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10.21599. An act of faith.     AR AR

What is truth?  A lengthy construction process, that is, an act of growth and creation.  The service of his hope.  Hope is a plan and construction project.  When you build your hope, it will turn into love, an object of the real world, that is, truth.

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10.21646.     AR AR

You should love your dreams, not your pleasure.  Dependence on your own pleasure is a problem.  After all, if you loved your goals, you went to them through pain and fear... but you do not love art, but yourself in art.  You are afraid of pain and fear, so you have an avoidant personality disorder and chronic procrastination.

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10.21659. Miracles, that's all.     AR AR

God is love ... Love is something that takes time and energy.  Love turns the impossible into the possible in the following way.  God helps the one who is walking this means that a person goes on a journey that should take decades and cost a lot of money, but miraculously time and money as bonuses appear out of nowhere.

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10.21759. Small things can be very huge.     AR AR

You drive more quietly, you will go further, because love is mindfulness... and love is time.  That is, the more love, the more time.

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10.21761. The price doesn't matter.     AR AR

Success comes from a willingness to spend an unlimited amount of time and energy to achieve your goal.

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10.21773.     AR AR

I didn't have time.  I didn't have any money, but money is the time I've already mentioned.  But I was in love.  Love is time and energy in one person.  So I had everything I needed to make the impossible possible.

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10.21780.     AR AR

You can say that the meaning of life of an idea that has come to reality is to bring more of your relatives here.  The more beautiful ideas you can implement into reality, the better.

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10.21786.     AR AR

The most important value of an illusion is to become a reality.  Reality is the highest value for any illusion.  The greatest human folly is to run from reality for illusions.

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10.21789.     AR AR

All true deeds are extended in time.  Extension is an act of faith.  The longer the process, the more truth, security, fruitfulness, reality, wonder, and beauty it contains.

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10.21796.     AR AR

There are infinitely many ideas living in non-existence,and they all want to be.  Ideas are generally equal to each other.  Ideas appeal to people in the hope that they will be loved, believed and implemented.  There are ideas that many people like and people compete for their love.  But there are a huge number of ideas that no one likes and that will be happy if they are warmed by love.  Thus, the more unique and strange your idea is, the more chances you have to implement it in reality, and the more reciprocity you will get from it.  The more an idea loves its vehicle, the more it gives it energy.

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10.21842.     AR AR

Ideas should be evaluated in terms of beauty, not criticism.  How to implement an idea is the tenth thing, the very first, whether it is beautiful, whether it is desirable.  If you fall in love, then you will realize it.

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10.22022.     AR AR

Lies are the potential of things.  A lie is a potential truth extended in the space of non-existence.  If a lie is contained and limited, it sublimates into truth, the extension of the real world.

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4.722.     AR AR

Beauty turns lies into reality. The prettier the lie, the more likely it is to be true. But it is not beauty that makes falsehood true, but the love of beauty. But it is not love that makes a lie true, but faith. Love is faith, the energy of the movement of life. Faith is Go On.

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4.462. Faith needs no proof.     AR AR

The rational motive of reason in matters of faith is that it is useful and profitable to believe. Faith is a source of strength. Faith is love and joy. The belief of illusion turns into reality, and lies into truth. Faith is the energy of the movement of life. Faith is a cure for apathy and Vice. Faith is the source of wonder. Reason rationally believes that the miracle will be useful to him.

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3.85.     AR AR

A   genius   is   a   person   so   much   in   love   with   lie   that   love   turns   his   illusions   into   reality.   The   love   of   a   genius   engenders   the   focus   on   the   object   of   his   dream   that   turns   into   light   illuminating   eternal   darkness.

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