10.14803. The lie of lovelessness.     AR AR

Pride whispers-you are not loved.  Most of the thoughts that don't love you – it's a lie that generates fear.  Fear is the reverse of pride.

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10.16133.     AR AR

They say that unspoken words are more useful than spoken ones.  The truth is that every coin has two sides, and the harm of unspoken words is as great as the benefit.

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10.18499.     AR AR

Too much love breeds greed.  Lack of love breeds greed.  However, in fact, greed and greed are two sides of the same coin, which is called pride.  By the way, pride has many names, for example, fear and lies are also pride.

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10.19766.     AR AR

Good and bad are two sides of the same coin.  But you can choose which side to look at it from.

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10.19964.     AR AR

When a child in childhood finds himself in a situation where it is impossible to avoid fear, he automatically begins to displace this fear from himself.  Having replaced fear, a person automatically loses the ability to love, because fear and love are two sides of the same coin.

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10.21048.     AR AR

Those who understand life are no longer afraid, because they understand that we have nothing to lose but our own chains.  Everything we own owns us.  All our joys are the reverse side of our torments.

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10.22083.     AR AR

Lies and truth are the opposite of each other.  A lie seems true until it is known.  Truth seems to be a lie until it is known.  The knowledge of the lies leads to fear.  The knowledge of the truth produces joy.

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4.2370.     AR AR

Only fools think that the coin has two sides, rather, the coin is a diamond.

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4.2369.     AR AR

It is a delusion to think that a coin has two sides. The coin is a ball. So you don't forget about it, on the edge of a coin caused risucci. Remember how ricochet the coin, so she faces.

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4.2073. Mr. X.     AR AR

You say the coin has two sides. You're always wrong. The coin only one side, which can take only one value and this value of X. X, in turn, may be what you want or what you want, or who is stronger than you want to, on the side he will stand.

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3.2874.     AR AR

Narcissistic personality is the flip side of the individual dependent and also as she is, needs attention, prone to phobias, lives in perpetual fear and prone to somatic diseases.

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10.228.     AR AR

Too much creates a shortage on the other side of the coin.

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4.201.     AR AR

The other side of pleasure is sadness. Pleasure inevitably turns into sadness and depression. People who choose the meaning of their life pleasure, inevitably end up sad and depressed depression.

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2260. Toss a coin     AR AR

If  you  don't  know  which  of  the  two  variants  to  choose,  toss  a  coin  and  choose  the  opposite  variant. 

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