10.19586.     AR AR

The expansion of the system and the growth of the system outside automatically generates division and growth of the system inside.  And the reverse sequence is also possible.  The larger the system, the more energy-intensive it is.  By restraining the expansion and division of the system, we are able to divert extra energy from it.  However, the growth cannot be stopped completely, otherwise the reactor will go out.  The longer and slower the process, the more useful energy the system will provide.

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10.19659. Divide and conquer.     AR AR

What you call evolution is the disintegration and division of the whole into many things.  The whole, expanding outward, absorbs simple energy and orders it within itself.  What you call order is division.  Order, dividing the streams of energy, dominates them.

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10.19850.     AR AR

In order for a system to generate time, it must be divided into three dimensions.  Growth and movement in three dimensions generates a flow of energy in the fourth dimension.  The fourth dimension is time, the simplest form of energy that can be expressed as money or matter.

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10.20366.     AR AR

The collapse of the system inwards generates growth outwards.  The point of containment efforts is to prevent an explosion and grow outward gradually.

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10.20711.     AR AR

Truth is something that has boundaries within itself, not outside.  Truth, having exhausted the concept of form, destroyed all external boundaries and rushed to infinity.  At the same time, truth has created thousands of new forms and entities within itself.

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10.20437. The absolute is black.     AR AR

White tends to disintegrate into black.  In fact, black is the process of dividing white.  The deeper the process of dividing white, the closer it gets to black.  In fact, black is perfect white.

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10.20945. A tangle of mutual interests.     AR AR

The larger, deeper, more ordered and intersecting the division of the whole, the stronger the whole is.

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10.21304.     AR AR

The meaning of existence is that the disintegration of the system is the pursuit of perfection.  To achieve perfection, you don't need any effort, you just need to relax and leave yourself to the endless fall into the abyss.  Black is perfection, and white is imperfection.

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10.21991.     AR AR

The system is due to the division within themselves is growing.  Multiplying through division, the system expands outward.

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10.21992.     AR AR

The greater the separation of the system within itself, the greater the overall energy intensity of the system.

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10.22026. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

Division of the system automatically generates multiplication of the system outside.  The division of the system is a process of infinite fall, which does not require energy expenditure, but releases energy.

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