10.19579.     AR AR

To get access to energy, you must first reach a critical mass, and then restrain yourself from growing and dividing.  When you reach critical mass, you will become a star or a universe.  By holding yourself back, you will accumulate energy.  If you don't restrain yourself, you will quickly burn out and turn into a black hole.

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10.19582. The principle of the big Bang.     AR AR

Everything in our system works on the same principle, which can be called the principle of a controlled chain reaction.  The system, striving for perfection, reaches a critical mass, and begins an avalanche of explosive decay and growth, which must be restrained and diverted excess energy.  So the universe works, stars, society, government, business, people, knowledge, etc.

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10.19647.     AR AR

Truth (absolute)  this is a kind of integrity that has reached a critical mass and divided itself into an infinite number of new forms.  It is impossible to know the truth, because the truth is the whole real world, which is infinite, because the division of the absolute can take place indefinitely.  In fact, what you call the evolution of the system is the continuing degradation and disintegration of the system from a simple and unified absolute to some sophisticated and very complex forms.

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10.19827.     AR AR

Evolution inevitably results in revolution.  Evolution is the process of gradually reaching a critical mass, the initial stage of an exponential curve.  Upon reaching a critical mass occurs and the detonation of the explosive growth of the system – it's called a revolution.  Evolution and revolution are in dialectical inseparable unity.

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10.19849.     AR AR

The critical mass of a system is a point after which even a small increase in the system outside begins to generate a significant division within itself and expansion in other dimensions.  The system gradually evolves from one-dimensional to three-dimensional and generates an explosive energy flow that could be called time or money.

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10.21455.     AR AR

Growth does not require any effort, growth is a disintegration, it is an explosion, it is like falling into an abyss.  If you relax and don't twitch, you can run endlessly.

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10.21467.     AR AR

Holding back your desires from within, you are like a spring that accumulates energy.  If your desires are restrained from the outside, then you are like someone who leans against a wall in the hope of moving it.  The more you push, the more the wall resists.  Both options have a place to be.  In the first case, you can reach critical mass and explode.  The second option can be used as a dam.

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10.22262. A heavenly place.     AR AR

When you do good, don't be afraid to just throw it around.  It doesn't matter that no one needs it and no one takes it.  Sooner or later, flies will fly into the soup and turn it into a Paradise.

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10.22282.     AR AR

What seems useless to you is a necessary stage of experience accumulation, as a result of which everything superfluous and false is eliminated.

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10.22284.     AR AR

The point is that you should not just reach critical mass, but increase the size of the system, avoid detonation.  In other words, the system must be restrained.  However, when the system reaches the maximum possible mass, all barriers must be removed and the system  first it will fold under its weight to a point, and then it will explode and a new universe will be created.

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10.22322.     AR AR

The accumulation of critical mass in the system must occur simultaneously in time and space.  It is not enough to accumulate material entities, you need to accumulate time.  The average critical mass accumulation time for a system to detonate is five years.  The more material accumulated over five years, the stronger the growth will be.

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10.22323.     AR AR

The accumulation of quantitative changes with the transition to quality occurs on average once every five years.  The main thing here is the length of effort in time.

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3.46.     AR AR

The   strategy   is   as   follows.   Accumulate   critical   mass   for   several   years   and   then,   in   a   single   stroke,   throw   it   all   away,   thus   triggering   an   explosion.

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