10.15070. Golden love.     AR AR

The paradox is that the absence of love is fear, but the stronger the love, the more fear it has.  Perfect love is perfect fear.  The harmony of being is somewhere on the level of the Golden ratio.

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10.15459.     AR AR

Darkness is a diminution of light.  Light is a diminution of darkness.  I also thought that what you call light is a rather weak light, 38% percent.  After all, if the light is 100%, you will go blind, immersed in solid white.

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10.17158.     AR AR

On the range of the Golden section is life.  Below-hunger and darkness, above-overkill and blinding light.  Blinding light also plunges into darkness.

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10.18771.     AR AR

We should hope for 38%, and prepare for 62%.  At the same time, you should remember that more means less.  Most of your training won't come in handy, but it will insure your risks.

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10.18773. Trust in hope.     AR AR

Do what you must and be what you will…  this is a metaphor for love.  Love is the art of accomplishing the impossible.  38% you can do yourself, and leave the rest to hope and miracle.  You can't do much, and that saves you from being complacent.

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10.21479.     AR AR

You can not disrupt the balance of fear and joy in the body, 70 to 30 in favor of joy will be good.

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10.22036.     AR AR

Everything is God.  There is only one entity, which is poison and medicine.  By dividing this essence into more and less, you create pride and love.  By dividing the entities in half, you create harmony.  However, experienced people say that the harmonic division occurs along the Golden section.

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5.497.     AR AR

Yellow color symbolizes the middle, that is, the energy of the sun, the Golden mean at 0.61.

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4.858.     AR AR

Do you know why 7 is a mystical number? The first three are the Trinity, and the seven are the angels. 3 and 7 are parts of the harmonious division of 10. In an ideal world, 10 should not be divided in half for equality, but by 3 and 7, or use the "Golden ratio" of 38% and 62%. In this system, the 3rd perfect and 7 almost perfect.

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4.583.     AR AR

The Golden mean is not a compromise in the middle, it is a high synergistic top of the isosceles triangle.

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3.971.     AR AR

Love   is   what   obeys   the   golden   section   proportion   and   grows   according   to   Fibonacci’s   law.

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3.866. Golden mean     AR AR

Incidentally,  the  “golden  mean”  is  not  a  mean  at  all.  The  “golden  ratio”  is  something  like  40  by  60.

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