5.1454.     AR AR

The symbol of power and beauty is a weave of crooked threads on a white background. The light is straight, the crooked black threads are a symbol of beauty and salt.

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9.772. A trap for money.     AR AR

Just  like  a  spider,  you  weave  the  threads  of  destiny  into  the  web  of  life...

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10.21663.     AR AR

Why do you need a lot?  Don't you know that you can't take too much at once?  I tried many times to take a lot at once and everything constantly fell out of my hands, broke and was lost... it would be Better if I went many times on the small, then  I would have many times more than even what I lost at one time.

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10.21766. An act of faith.     AR AR

If you drive more quietly, you will go further, because the way to Paradise leads through the eye of a needle.  You need a thin, time-stretched thread of actions.  Thousands of little things to do.  Paradise comes from a grain, the grain is very small and grows slowly.

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10.21768.     AR AR

The problem of pride is a gigantomania in the initial stages of the path, which  it doesn't fit in the eye of a needle at all.  You should realize the gigantic idea as a metaphor for the carpet, and your current small actions as a thin thread inserted into the eye of a needle.

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10.21774. Keep going, keep going.     AR AR

Less is more, because illusions come to reality as grains or as a fine thread, from which you (a skilled and patient weaver)  must weave the fabric of reality.

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10.21797. The needle is you.     AR AR

The path to Paradise leads through the eye of a needle, so you should not suffer from gigantomania, but look for a thin thread, pulling which you can insert it into the needle.  By the way, you are the needle.  Your task is to weave the fabric of reality and create a Paradise.

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10.21877. Be careful.     AR AR

Carefully watch your desire, as soon as you wish, the desire will try to be fulfilled.  Your task is to notice the thread in time and pull it.

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10.22176. An effort of restraint.     AR AR

The meaning of the incredible ease of being is that there is a lot of everything and this is called pride.  If pride is subdued, that is, any multitude is restrained, then it will turn into love, the main treasure of this world.  To get to Paradise, you need to take the fleece of a RAM and, twisting it into a thin thread, thread it through the eye of a needle.

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