10.8762. Second wind.     AR AR

Victory over pain is joyful, joy fills with energy and inspiration.

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10.8655.     AR AR

The fear trait is something similar to the orbits of electrons.  Overcoming fear is accompanied by the release of energy.  Energy is joyful.

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10.9768.     AR AR

If you run away from pain, fear, and fatigue, or ignore them, they will grow and grow stronger, but if you hear them and accept them, they will retreat.

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10.9765.     AR AR

When you are tired, pull with all your strength, and then the pain, fear, and fatigue will recede.

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10.9779.     AR AR

Once I was so tired that I resigned myself to fatigue, and then she retreated, and I, full of strength and energy, ran on.

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10.9780. Sincerity.     AR AR

To fill up, you need to empty yourself.  When I don't give my best, I resort to the goal tired.  When I give my best and reach my goal, I am filled with energy and inspiration.

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3.1553.     AR AR

The   resurrection   of   Jesus   after   his   crucifixion   is   the   metaphor   of   love   that   will   eternally   remind   us   that   Love   is   not   afraid   of   death   and   always   resurrects.

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10.304. Tumbler.     AR AR

He who has love in him will never give up, because love never dies and is always reborn.

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7.267. Three types of breath.     AR AR

Do  not  get  dejected  if  you  are  running  out  of  strength:  if  you  keep  your  faith,  you  will  get  a  second  breath,  and  then  a  third  one.

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