9.5100.     AR AR

When it is said that demons live in a person, it means that a person is full of cockroaches and soon he will turn into an insect.

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10.2264.     AR AR

He brightened and saw himself bound in a web of delusions.  How can a fly escape the clutches of a spider?

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10.2212. Everyone has their own happiness.     AR AR

An ant without an anthill is bad, a scarab beetle without its dung balls life is not nice...

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10.12419.     AR AR

The most primitive are insects.  Reptiles eat them, further evolution of reptiles turns them into birds.  Metaphorically, reptiles are demons, and birds are angels.

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10.12244.     AR AR

Who is a sinner? 
"It's an insect." 

How to fight insects? 
"Insects are slaves to vices; they cannot resist the sticky temptations of pleasure.  Lustful moths fly to the fire and get stuck in the sweet.  Give them the pleasure of burning in hell.  Let them burn and rejoice.  Let them die.

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10.12243.     AR AR

Even if your enemy is an insect, it still needs to be loved, studied, and feared.  Insects are fast, poisonous, and biting.  You should not be afraid of insects, but you should kill them and protect yourself from them.

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10.12201. The world of insects.     AR AR

Even the most insignificant can learn something.  You despise insects, but if you look at them closely, they are beautiful and very instructive.  You can use insects to study people and yourself.

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10.12042. Spiders in a jar.     AR AR

Pride makes a person impatient and touchy, which dramatically reduces a person's ability to effectively solve complex issues and interact with other proud people.

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10.12499. Love for butterflies.     AR AR

Treat your enemies like insects.  Insects can be dangerous.  Insects are beautiful and perfect. 

Should an entomologist be afraid of insects? 

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10.12637.     AR AR

A miracle is when a tree grows.  The phenomena associated with freebies and greed are sticky tape for flies and other insects.

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10.12755.     AR AR

Problems should be investigated in the same way that an entomologist examines insects by impaling them on a pin.

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10.14151.     AR AR

It is not fair to talk about the absence of love.  Everything is love.  Everything is beauty.  I look at the spider and see that it is beautiful.  I love the spider, but that's no reason for me to become a fly and get caught in its beautiful nets and be eaten.  Idols are beautiful, but this is no reason to become their slaves.  Idols are vices that eat their slaves.  The fire devours the moths.  Spider nets devour flies.

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10.17532.     AR AR

People are like flies, laws are like cobwebs and spiders.

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10.20538.     AR AR

Speed and size allow the bumblebee to break the web.  The fly, on the contrary, should slow down, because it is weak and light.  The fly needs to be very careful not to fall into the clutches of the spider.

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10.20555.     AR AR

Truly rich is he who owns the soup, for flies fly to the soup.  Everyone needs flies, but you take the soup, and sell the flies that will drown in it to the flycatchers.  Spiders and other insects are willing to sell their souls for flies.

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