10.17322.     AR AR

Zen teachers beat their students for every question they asked in order to cultivate courage in the knower.

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10.10124. Enlightened Zen.     AR AR

A blow from a stick on the head sends sparks from the eyes, and the soul is filled with enlightenment and understanding.

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10.21293.     AR AR

Who knew life, he is to provocation has ceased to respond and comprehend Zen.

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An infinitesimal step is infinitely strong... nothing can stop it.

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10.22173. At arm's length.     AR AR

The closer you get to the problem, the more options it opens up to you.  Accordingly, it is pointless and even harmful to solve problems in advance.

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5.1109.     AR AR

Zen is a constant concentration of love, and love is a constant awareness, concentration and attention to everything that happens around.

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5.1091.     AR AR

You   will   attain   Zen   when   you   understand   that   truth   and   nothingness   are   the   same.

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5.1061.     AR AR

Zen has a sense of proportion, a sense of proportion has a sense of beauty, sense of beauty is the feeling of harmony.

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10.812.     AR AR

The essence of Zen is to do even the simplest thing, you have to give your all.

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10.640.     AR AR

What is Zen? 
- Focus on your current action.

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10.537.     AR AR

What is Zen?  Zen is movement, movement is faith, movement is life, movement must follow the rules, moving with eyes closed is hard, movement requires knowledge.

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