10.8570.     AR AR

The less hope there is, the more you should believe in it.  No one believes a little hope, but you believe it and warm it with your hope.

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8.2486.1.     AR AR

By definition, everything is done at the wrong time.

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8.2486.3.     AR AR

Whenever you are going to do something - it will always be extremely inconvenient and at the wrong time.

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10.10189.     AR AR

The most valuable and important thing you need to start doing at the most inappropriate and inconvenient moment, without any preparation.  So you will win the first battle of this war, the battle with your fear.  Then there will be thousands of other battles, but even in them your main enemy will be your fear.

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10.11154.     AR AR


Everyone is waiting for the right moment, and you are looking for the wrong time.  It will be so unexpected that nothing can stop you.


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10.12985.     AR AR

You should know that all the most valuable things happen at the wrong time.  That's why they say that waiting for the weather by the sea is a very stupid idea.

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10.15814. Less is more.     AR AR

It is said that the strongest faith is a mustard seed faith, that is, a faith that has humility.  Less is more.  Hope in God, and do 99% yourself.  God is hope, God is salt.  When you bake bread, God will salt it.

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10.16298.     AR AR

The goal is easier to achieve when you are not ready for it, relying on a weak hope, an idea of the goal and courageous actions ...than when you're supposedly ready.  When you are ready and your hope is high, most likely, you will have to redo everything again.

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10.20254.     AR AR

About the most inopportune times, you should always keep in mind the metaphor of the needle's eye, through which the path to Paradise goes.  A small hope is enough to succeed, too much will be superfluous.

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10.20272. God is white noise.     AR AR

Starting a business at the most inopportune and unfortunate moment is a good idea, because less is more.  The path to Paradise leads through the eye of a needle.  It doesn't take much to start a good business.  With care, find a small thread and follow it to find the way to Paradise.

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4.963. Humble hope.     AR AR

Hope comes true-when there is hope, but not very much. The greater the hope, the less likely it is to come true.

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4.960.     AR AR

It's a good thing you don't have hope, you don't need it. The less hope, the more faith.

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4.939.     AR AR

The more hope, the less faith. Hope needs just a little bit, like salt on bread.

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