10.20775. Multiplication of truth.     AR AR

The search for truth through the denial of lies is, in fact, the realization of the dialectical principle of negation of negation.  By denying a lie, you get a power function of truth.  There are infinitely many lies.  By endlessly denying a lie, you will receive an infinite source of energy, strength, and joy.

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10.21195.     AR AR

Humility is what allows you to keep the paradox intact without cutting it  The Gordian knot.  The Gordian knot is a figure of eight, an energy loop, an infinite source of energy that ensures the integrity of the system.

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10.21330.     AR AR

A genius is one who has known truth and seen beauty.  Truth is the source of power.  Beauty is a source of strength.  Geniuses are strong.  Inside the genius is a burning star, an infinite source of energy.

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10.21336.     AR AR

Truth is what is called a perpetual motion machine.  Truth is an infinite source of energy, infinite scalability, and the ability to grow.  Other names of truth are beauty and perfection.

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10.21352.     AR AR

The last mile is the real truth.  The real truth is an inexhaustible infinite source of energy.  Thus, it is impossible to go the last mile.  The essence of the last mile is to walk it endlessly, using it as an endless source of joy and energy.

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10.21353.     AR AR

The last mile is a symbol of perfection.  When we reach the last mile, we enter the stage of "perfection", which is infinite and inexhaustible.

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10.21455.     AR AR

Growth does not require any effort, growth is a disintegration, it is an explosion, it is like falling into an abyss.  If you relax and don't twitch, you can run endlessly.

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10.21491.     AR AR

The search for truth is cooler than sex and drugs.  Debauchery drains our strength, and truth is a source of infinite strength and joy.

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10.21520. Infinite system.     AR AR

Truth and falsehood are a sphere of which you have already known part, and the second part is not yet known.  The part you don't know is what you call a lie, but it's actually the truth.  The most joyous thing about this system is that the truth is inexhaustible.

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10.21947. Restrain your greed.     AR AR

Truth (perfection, love and beauty)  inexhaustible if you draw them with restraint.  You drive more quietly, you'll go further.  At low speed, perfection is an inexhaustible source of energy that feeds the perpetual motion machine.  However, greedy pride can empty everything around it and the source will perish.

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10.21743.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, because love is time.  Lovers are given an infinite amount of time.  Time is a form of energy.  If lovers take the trouble to convert their endless time into forms of energy like money, they will become rich.

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10.21991.     AR AR

The system is due to the division within themselves is growing.  Multiplying through division, the system expands outward.

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10.22008.     AR AR

The length of the turns lie into truth.  Any single entity known as a lie can be taken and stretched indefinitely over time, thus becoming the truth.

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10.22024.     AR AR

Zero is not as small as you think, connect two zeros and you create infinity.

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10.22026. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

Division of the system automatically generates multiplication of the system outside.  The division of the system is a process of infinite fall, which does not require energy expenditure, but releases energy.

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3.40. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

The strategy of motivating a person by God is as follows.  First, through temptations, man becomes infected with desires and vices, and then, by limiting these desires, he receives the energy necessary for the service of life.  Vice need then, to, limiting his, obtain energy.

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142.     AR AR

When  an  animal's  young  is  born,  as  a  rule, 
it's  ready  for  living  a  full  life. 
But  a  human  newborn  is  born  a  bit  incomplete 
and  reaches  the  level  of  an  animal  only 
at  the  age  of  one  and  a  half... 
and  then  it  leaves  the  animal  level  behind 
and  keeps  on  developing... 
It's  curious  that  this  incompleteness  in  a 
human  soul  remains  for  life. 
All  one's  life  a  person  will  not  feel  ready 
for  something,  will  lack  something  and 
still  feel  incomplete... 
And  this  very  feeling  of  being  incomplete 
is  what  differences  human  beings  from 
animals  as  this  is  the  perpetual  motion 
which  makes  this  world  go  round... 
This  very  inborn  human  incompleteness, 
this  inborn  imperfection... 
multiplied  by  endless  thirst  for  attaining 
to  perfection... 

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