10.3331.     AR AR

Do not judge, because everything has its place and time.  Just watch and listen, not trying to agree or disagree.  Let the information become part of the intuition.  And, when it is necessary, intuition will use it.

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10.4975.     AR AR

Any place and time has its own limited set of possibilities, which, however, is enough to solve any problem within this space-time continuum.

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10.6817.     AR AR

Defeat is just the wrong time and place.  If you lose, don't give up, but look for the right time and place.

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10.8132.     AR AR

The discrepancy between the ideal leads to fear, fear turns life into hell.  It is necessary to realize that ideals depend on time and place.  An ideal is not a constant, but a variable.

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10.9545.     AR AR

Perfection is the perfect match for place and time.

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10.10752.     AR AR

Order is, in particular, each case has its own time and place.

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10.11243.     AR AR

Place and time are one inseparable entity.  The same place in different times is different independent entities.

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10.16201.     AR AR

The truth is here and now, tomorrow there will be another truth, for everything has its place and time.

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10.19256. Beauty is where you are.     AR AR

Everything is beauty.  Beautifully unique and strange.  Beautifully simple and banal.  Intelligence is the ability to see beauty everywhere.  Beauty is equal to beauty; it is pride to think that one beauty is better than another beauty.  Every beauty has its place and time.

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10.20515.     AR AR

Thought " everything has its time and place»  correlates with the idea that everything is good.

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10.20566.     AR AR

It is not a shame to submit to circumstances, because truth is dependent and flows from the unity of action, place, and time.

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10.20991.     AR AR

Your task is not to judge, but to put the mosaic together, putting the details in their places.  Everything has its place and time.

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10.21892.     AR AR

The universe is an infinite ocean of energy, but it is virtually divided into borders, conditionally called their place, time and forms of things.

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10.22276.     AR AR

Haste and impatience arise from a misunderstanding of two ideas.  First – everything has its place and time.  The second – you go more quietly, you will be further.

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10.22318.     AR AR

Time is the energy of non-existence that seeks its place in the real world.

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