10.20791. The road of love.     AR AR

Anyone can do anything if they want to and fall in love with their dream.  Love overcomes fear and generates faith and hope.  Faith is a movement toward hope.  God helps the one who goes to his love.  Nothing to be afraid of.  The meaning of the infinite ease of being is that we do not know those who went and did not reach.  All roads lead to Rome, the main thing is not to go astray.

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10.21129.     AR AR

There are no Windows of opportunity, just sticky tapes for flies.  There are endless possibilities around, they are not needed by anyone and are invisible to anyone.

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10.21208.     AR AR

How do you do this?  Nothing, it is made in its own time and place.

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10.21304.     AR AR

The meaning of existence is that the disintegration of the system is the pursuit of perfection.  To achieve perfection, you don't need any effort, you just need to relax and leave yourself to the endless fall into the abyss.  Black is perfection, and white is imperfection.

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10.21398.     AR AR

The essence of the incredible ease of being is that in order to get to hell, you need to make a great effort.  Hell is full and there are no places.  Moths are ready to bite each other's throats for the right to be in hell.  In Paradise, on the contrary, it is free and spacious.  No one needs Paradise except those who have love in them.

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10.21709.     AR AR

There is an infinite amount of free space, because freedom is boundless.  The occupied space has a form and is limited.  What is fenced in is small, but the darkness is endless.

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10.21742. A moment of infinity.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, in the sense that love is time, so lovers have unlimited time resources available.  A lover has enough time to realize any of his dreams.

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10.21991.     AR AR

The system is due to the division within themselves is growing.  Multiplying through division, the system expands outward.

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10.22008.     AR AR

The length of the turns lie into truth.  Any single entity known as a lie can be taken and stretched indefinitely over time, thus becoming the truth.

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10.22133.     AR AR

The essence of the incredible lightness of being is that darkness does not resist light... moreover, darkness loves light.

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10.22177.     AR AR

We have everything in abundance and strive for abundance, but if we humble our greed and take a small bite out of many things, it will open the gates to the Kingdom of heaven.

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10.22186. It's very simple.     AR AR

Evil wants to serve good.  Evil seeks love from the good.  Good has love, but evil has no love.    All that is required of good is to restrain one's love without giving rise to satiety in evil.

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10.22209.     AR AR

The incredible ease of being is due to the fact that everything is so easy that faith with a mustard seed is enough for any, even the most difficult thing.

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10.22303.     AR AR

The ease of being is based on the fact that if you do not try to do tomorrow today, and focus on the day today, suddenly it turns out that everything is very simple and easy.  All our haste and fuss are stupid and useless.

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