10.14205.     AR AR

A talkative person likes to talk about nonsense most of all.  "All this is nonsense," says the man, and everything around him he calls stupidity.

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10.14206. Proud.     AR AR

A talkative person likes to exhaust the patience of their interlocutors.  Talkative is a thief who steals the most valuable thing you have – your time.  Moreover, a chatterbox is a thief who steals for his own pleasure, and therefore for the sake of pride.

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10.14802. Culture of thought.     AR AR

To avoid talking nonsense, watch what you think.

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10.14831.     AR AR


Pustoslov is a thief who steals your time and distracts your attention from important matters.


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10.16152.     AR AR

A chatterbox is someone who tries to insert a word by interrupting people.

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10.16455.     AR AR

Words interfere with feelings.  If you want to hear the quiet voice of your intuition, stop talking inside yourself. 

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10.16456. Try to think short and clear.     AR AR

Maintain a mode of silence and order in your head, thoughts interfere with feeling reality, interfere with mindfulness.

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10.16933. The power of vanity.     AR AR

Vain talkative.  And chatter, rather, diverts energy from vanity, not allowing the vain to implement their plans.  By limiting your chatter, you will turn your vanity into a movement, aiming at the goal.  Limiting chatter turns vanity into strength and faith.

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10.17037.     AR AR

The talkativeness of a person tells us that words do not turn into deeds.  However, if the proud man stops the flow of his thoughts and words by an effort of will, he will gain tremendous power.

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10.17132.     AR AR

Dreaming is like talking.  Talkers and dreamers do little, like flies, drowning in the swamp of their fantasies.

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10.17904.     AR AR

You don't need to talk, you need to do... conversations extinguish things, and while there is chatter, nothing is done.

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10.18222.     AR AR

A fool who likes to talk about useless and unnecessary things for himself.

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10.18370. Greed will help you.     AR AR

You need to have the willpower to silence yourself and stop wasting your time.

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10.20964.     AR AR

I'm afraid!  Don't be afraid!... I'm not afraid!  Then do it and don't talk.

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