2254. Persistent helper.     AR AR

Pridefulness  has  many  masks.  One  of  them  is  that  of  a  helper.  A  person  of  this  kind  is  persistent  in  trying  to  help  those  who  don't  ask  for  it.  As  this  person  may  suffer  from  messiah  complex  and  want  to  save  souls.  It's  a  pity  a  person  of  this  kind  can't  save  his  or  her  own  soul. 

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8.500. A resentful helper.     AR AR

He  helps  those  who  don't  ask  him  to  and  gets  offended  by  others'  sheer  unappreciation. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



10.4824.     AR AR

Fear help.  External assistance exacerbates the symptoms of the problem.  A helper then leaves, and potyazhelevshiy doubled cargo will remain you.

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10.6858.     AR AR

The state of dependence preserves the personality.  To acquire the ability to grow, you need to get rid of all the helpers and saviors.  It is terrible, of course, but this fear is an illusion.

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10.14284.     AR AR

The help woman loves those who need help.  But when she pulls a man out of the mud and washes him, her sexual interest will instantly disappear, because it was not the man she loved, but the dirt.

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10.10090. Extortionist.     AR AR

When you compulsively give your partner more than he gives you, you unobtrusively cause him remorse and fear.  This man doesn't want to give you all of himself.  His plan is to preserve his identity and he doesn't want to be suicidal.

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10.10092. Angel B Virus     AR AR

Self-sacrifice in human relationships breeds pride.  Sooner or later, such a person will become imbued with the idea of black human ingratitude against the background of his white perfection.

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10.18586.     AR AR

"Why don't you love me?»  "what is it?" asks the proud man.  People respond to it:  "Because you understand love as power, control, rudeness, disdain and contempt for the one you love.  You don't just love, you want to turn those you love into yourself by killing them.  You want to be served and given your energy.  You are stupid  The sun that wants to burn the Earth.  What does it matter to you if the earth becomes a fiery and lifeless hell like yourself?  You are not satisfied with those who burn in the eternal fire  Mars and mercury?  Or maybe you enjoy the endless madness and storms of the atmosphere  Venus?  Does Neptune's cold hell attract you?

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10.19233.     AR AR

To do for yourself under the pretext that for others it is common for cowardice and pride.

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10.19670.     AR AR

Your lust for power and control turns people away from you.  Of course, you are trying to buy love and you are ready to give everything for this love, but love is not for sale and does not live in a cage.  You cry about the injustice of life and the ingratitude of people, but it is not so.

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10.20064.     AR AR

They do not have their own love, so they fiercely demand the love of someone else.

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10.20158. From love to hate is one step.     AR AR

The one who gives all of himself to love and creates an idol out of his love is a very dangerous person.  Idolaters seek power over their idols and like to burn them.

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10.20245.     AR AR

The idea that there are things that a person does for others is a vile lie.  Any action always brings three benefits.  Benefit yourself, society, and your neighbor.  Whatever a person does, it always benefits them, too.  However, the society and the neighbor are also not offended.  Resentment comes from misunderstanding and ignorance.

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10.20289.     AR AR

A person who sacrifices himself to another person is probably an idolater who violates the commandment "do not create an idol for yourself".  Idolatry is a sin of pride, a direct ticket to hell.

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10.20630.     AR AR

Guilt is a dangerous thing, because it not only tells you that you owe everyone something, but also whispers that everyone owes you something.  Inspired by a sense of guilt, you subconsciously begin to expect something and even demand from people.  Trust me, people will not appreciate your high expectations of them. 

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10.8929. A person offended by life.     AR AR

Proud people are very touchy, they try to pay and do anything to be loved...  but it doesn't work.  Love is not for sale.  Trying to dominate, control, impose your ideals on the object of your love simply kills love.  "I have done so much for them," cries the proud man, " and they have done nothing for me...  They are unworthy of me.  The whole world is not worthy of me.  I'm so good, and the world is terrible."..

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10.9132.     AR AR

Proud people are dangerous to deal with, in the sense that they promise heaven and give hell.  In the end, they squeeze you out like a lemon, throw you out on the street, call you unworthy of his love, and so on.  In General, a proud man is a devil who will steal your time, and then also tell you how cruelly and viciously you deceived him.

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10.9439. Gin is a wish-giver.     AR AR

A demon is a person who does not have his own Affairs and desires, so he is always trying to steal other people's Affairs, to realize other people's desires...  like a vampire sucking someone else's love and joy.

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10.10089. Dedication.     AR AR

What individuals call self-giving and love is an act of pride and the absorption of another's personality into a state of dissolution.  Someone who is subjected to such aggression, it feels like a parasite virus is trying to get inside and eat you from the inside.

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