10.12116. Attention to detail.     AR AR

Politeness is when every action, every word, every thought requires maximum concentration and attention.

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10.13584. Be polite.     AR AR

Courage is politeness.  The ability to forgive other people's mistakes and recognize your own requires courage.  A noble man is polite.

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10.15367.     AR AR

An impolite person is by definition ignorant.

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10.15454. Be polite.     AR AR

When you ask Santa Claus for gifts, the main thing is not to be rude.

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10.15458.     AR AR

It's insulting to detain someone who wants to leave.  It's insulting not to let someone who wants to come in.  The door should open in different directions, this is the secret of politeness.

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10.15528.     AR AR

You should knock on the door politely, but persistently.  The road should also be asked politely.  Be polite and you will not go astray.

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10.15868.     AR AR

The door should be knocked politely and persistently, even if the other side does not open, and the dog barks.

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10.16913. Duty of love.     AR AR

Politeness is our duty, for it is said, love your neighbor. 

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10.18403.     AR AR

Morality and politeness are a source of strength.  Take care of them.  After all, if you lose your power, it will cause fear.  Fear will sublimate into procrastination and laziness, robbing you of the power to move.  The power of movement is  Faith and the source of experience.  What will you have left?  Fear, laziness, anger, despondency, impotence.

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10.18792.     AR AR

Politeness is when you trust people.  Faith is love.  Love people politely.  Not to love people, not to believe them, is to feel fear.  Fear is sublimated into anger, doubt, and aggression.  This is all very impolite.

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10.19616. At the festival of life.     AR AR

The real world is the divine feast and feast of the Creator.  At the festival of life to go with a vile face is piggish.

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10.21982. Politeness is when you are calm.     AR AR

At all costs, be polite.  Decent people swear very politely and constructively, without getting personal.

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10.22035. Love of time.     AR AR

To keep your schedule, you should love what you do.  The fact is that love is respect for other people's borders.  The boundaries of entities are defined by time.  It is impolite when one entity violates the boundaries of another.

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10.22263.     AR AR

If someone tells you that they will do something useful, answer, thank you, I just wanted to ask you about it.

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2212.     AR AR

When  you  try  to  bark  at  other  people,  other  people  bark  in  reply.  It's  all  simple.  Polite  and  well-mannered  people  (from  the  best  of  motives)  try  to  speak  to  you  using  your  native  language  and  words  that  are  easy  for  you  to  understand. 

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