10.11106.     AR AR

The amount of suffering and pleasure is not measured by their duration, but depends on their intensity.  When we run away from suffering, we prolong suffering.  Running after pleasures, we concentrate them and make them fleeting and fleeting, like Masturbation.

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10.11265.     AR AR

To put up with the pain, in any case, it can not be stuck with something delicious.  You can not run away from it in the TV, books, games or alcohol.  You need to face your fear firmly, get used to it, and stop being afraid of it.

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10.14596.     AR AR

Their problem is that they are afraid of pain and fear.  That's why their fear and pain are huge.  If they accepted their enemies, they would get used to them and stop being afraid... then the suffering and pain would disappear.

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10.19385.     AR AR

The pain of a lie is prolonged, the pain of the truth  fast.

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10.20457.     AR AR

You drink every day to relieve your anxiety and stress.  What you don't know is that your stress and anxiety are half caused by alcohol.  Stress is fear.  When you run away from fear, you lose your immunity to it, and your life is filled with endless anxiety.

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10.20528. You can't run away from pain.     AR AR

I accept the pain, I accept the negativity... the Suffering envelops me, but I don't run away from it, I let it take hold of me and wait patiently for the addiction to happen and the pain to pass.

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10.20529.     AR AR

Take it…  Don't run away.  Let go... Don't hold it.  That's the whole secret.  It's very simple.  Don't be a coward.  Be reasonable.  The pain will be sharp, but quick.  Otherwise, your life will turn into hell.

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10.20532.     AR AR

Don't judge the pain and you will be saved.

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10.21096.     AR AR

Experience tells us that if you eat worries and fears sweet or any other pleasure, it only gets worse.  Consolation for fear, as wood for the fire.  It takes humility and courage to overcome fear and anxiety.  Courage is nurtured through fasting and eating restrictions.  The less you soothe and deceive yourself, the more courage you have.

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10.21647. Wonderful medicine.     AR AR

Pain heals!  In the fire of our sufferings, all our sins and vices are consumed.  When the fire is burned out, the suffering will go away and a blissful peace will come.

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10.21651.     AR AR

Love to ride, love to drive a sled.  If you love heaven and pleasure, then love hell, pain and suffering.  Don't run away from pain and fear.  What hurts, the more it hurts, the faster it will hurt and you will go back to heaven.

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