10.13455. Long years.     AR AR

Do not rush, hurry will prevent you from reaching distant goals.  Truly valuable goals require patience, because they require a lot of time.

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10.13893. A moral man.     AR AR

Learn patience, patience is love.  Learn to be resolute, decisiveness is also love.  Learn to believe, faith is love.  Learn to be honest, seeing lies is also love.

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10.14038. Progressive awareness.     AR AR

Love is patience.  You're going to be quieter.  Haste is a greedy, barren pride. 

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10.14095.     AR AR

Treat the matter with patience and it will bear fruit, because patience is love, and love is fruitful.

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10.14796.     AR AR

A big dream, before it is fulfilled, wants to check whether it is truly loved or not.  What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream?  All-speak?  Well, then be patient.  Love is patience, care, joy, mindfulness, knowledge, etc.

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10.16522.     AR AR

Who understood life, the not hurries, for silent you go, further regulation.  Love is patience and care, and haste is greed and pride.

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10.18149. Purposefulness.     AR AR

True love is when the snail climbs to the top  Fujiyama.

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10.19211.     AR AR

The slower the better, true love stretches the pleasure.  True love is fruitful.

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10.19214. I can love for a long time.     AR AR

Love is an infinite source of energy, and a person in love is the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.

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10.19633.     AR AR

To love slowly is to love with restraint and patience.  Greedy and unrestrained love is pride.  By humbling your hunger, you will turn it into love.

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10.22032.     AR AR

The slower it is, the longer it is in time.  Extension in time produces truth.

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10.21862.     AR AR

Tasteful is when you slowly and delve into every detail.

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