9.5649.     AR AR

Some   sheep   is   not   a   sheep   at   all,   but   a   wolf   in   sheep’s   clothing.   And   you,   like   a   fool,   make   fun   of   him,   come   closer,   put   your   hand   in   his   mouth…   and   then   «One!»   and   there   is   no   hand,   and   then   «Two!»   and   you’re   already   eaten…

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9.6533. Injustice.     AR AR

A wolf can wear sheep's skin, but a sheep can't wear wolf's skin.

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10.7324. Wolf in sheep's clothing.     AR AR

What looks and barks like a dog is a dog.  And even if it's not a dog, it doesn't really matter as long as it behaves like a dog and does what a dog should do.

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10.8428. Wolf in sheep's clothing.     AR AR

Are you afraid that you will be considered a fool?  You're a fool, aren't you?  For a wolf, the situation when it is considered a RAM is very useful, safe and profitable.  Only a RAM wants to be a wolf.  A wolf must disguise itself as a RAM.

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10.11715.     AR AR

Don't be jealous.  The wolf, who was wearing the skin of a RAM, strangled himself from habit.  Someone else's cross, someone else's shoes, only a fool dreams of someone else's.

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10.15225. The Law Of God.     AR AR

The laws of nature give rise to rights, but not duties.  A wolf has the right to eat a hare.  The hare has the right to escape.  Everything is in our hands.

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10.16962.     AR AR


When all the wolves were shot in Yellowstone Park, it led to a monstrous degradation of the entire ecosystem.  As usually wanted as better, called wolves evil, and in a result received catastrophe.  


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10.19178. The wolf will help you.     AR AR

Wolves and sheep are a symbiotic system, the essence of which is the separation of grain from chaff.  A black sheep spoils the whole herd.

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10.20901.     AR AR

Shepherds, dogs, wolves and sheep are a symbiotic system.  The shepherds need wolves so that the sheep are afraid of the wolves and seek salvation from the shepherds.  Dogs this is a situation when a shepherd, having loved his enemy, turned a couple of wolves into his friends, and now they protect him from other wolves, and help manage the sheep.  In principle, the rams are also all profitable, having reconciled with their enemy, they, taking advantage of his predatory greed and insatiability, have become one of the successful biological species.  The shepherd is a dominant predator, which, by protecting its food from other predators, will allow the sheep to occupy a solid ecological niche.

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10.20911.     AR AR

Love your enemy as the shepherd loved the wolf and turned it into a dog.  Now the dogs help the shepherd to protect himself from other wolves and hunt for food.

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10.21117.     AR AR

The difference between a shepherd and a wolf is that the shepherd is reserved, patient, and reasonable, while the wolf is greedy, impatient, and ignorant.  A shepherd is a wolf in sheep's clothing who loves his enemy.

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