10.20407.     AR AR

To learn to love, you need to understand that there is nothing special about love.  God is love, but God is everything.  There is nothing special about God, he is everywhere and everywhere.  Even you are a God.  Attempt to give  God form and how to separate it is called idolatry and drug addiction, which turns life into hell.

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10.20303.     AR AR

Soul  God is an absolute that has reached a critical mass.  What does the absolute do when it reaches critical mass?  It begins to divide within itself into various unique separate forms.  In this case, it is all that many human (and not only)  the souls that fill our world.

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10.20302.     AR AR

We should consider a person as a sub-personality of God, created for each specific circumstances and work processes.

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10.19913.     AR AR

The devil thinks he's God, and I think I'm God, but there's a difference.  The devil thinks only of himself as God, and I believe that everything is God.  There is nothing special about being a God.  I am God, You are God, every grain of sand and drop of dew is God…  Together we are God.

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10.19757.     AR AR

Hope for  God is a hope for himself, because the soul is God.

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10.19755.     AR AR

The one who has love in him is God, because  God is love.

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10.19746.     AR AR

It is not God who created man, but man who created man  God.  Reason determines what is beauty and truth.

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10.19649. Ten proofs of divinity.     AR AR

There is a lot of evidence that I am a God.  The first of them:  I am God, because everything is God.  Second:  I am God because you are God.  Then we become what we love, for love is knowledge and striving for unity.  I love you  God and the beauty of being, as well as all my life I know the truth and beauty.  They say that  God is love.  I have love in me, I love  God, truth, beauty, and all being and non-being in General.  I am also joyful, admiring, patient, fair, calm, cheerful, etc.

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10.19644.     AR AR

I am God because  Everything is God.

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10.19307.     AR AR

I am not afraid to say that I am God, because  God is love, and there is love in me, and I was created by love.

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10.22191. Brothers and sisters in Christ.     AR AR

The idea of  Jesus as incarnation is the idea that every person is a potential incarnation and the Son of God.  If  Jesus was  Son  I can also do miracles by God's faith, for I am his brother.

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10.21688.     AR AR

They say that we live in the consciousness of God... but I thought, is this true?  One day I noticed that it was not I, but God, who lived in my mind.

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10.21573. Return Of The Saviour.     AR AR

When you start doing something yourself, you cultivate self-belief, self-hope, and self-love.  Now you are full of fears and laziness, it is because you do not have your own love…  If you return it  You will become capable of a miracle.

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10.21560.     AR AR

Everything is there  God... and even you. But that doesn't mean it's a cause for vanity…  God is a point... that  she imagined herself to be the universe, and we are all just children of her imagination.

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10.21173.     AR AR

The essence of grace, love, and insight  Jesus saw beauty and hope in everything.  Jesus denied love, beauty, hope, salvation, and faith to no one.

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10.21172. The gods are equal.     AR AR


Jesus said that all people are brothers and sisters.  They also said that  Jesus is the son of God.  Jesus is the son of God.  Since I am human, then  Jesus is my brother, and I am the son of God.  Therefore, I am God's son.


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10.9852.     AR AR

Did   Soloinc   say   that   He   knew   the   truth?   Not   at   all,   Soloinc   is   the   one   who   invented   the   truth.   According   to   Syntalism,   the   God   of   this   world,   Reason,   creates   truths   himself.

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10.8876.     AR AR

The   meaning   of   Syntalism   is   to   awaken   God   in   man.   You   should   not   wait   for   the   Savior   and   miracles,   you   should   awaken   God   in   yourself,   you   should   become   the   Savior   and   Creator   of   miracles   yourself.

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4.1268.     AR AR

The   resigned   one   is   he   who   can   be   God   and   a   grain   of   sand   with   an   equal   joy.   Impassionate   indifference   is   the   endless   joy   of   being   resigned   to   reality.

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3.3120.     AR AR

The   essence   of   idol   worshiping   is   denying   of   God   in   himself   and   looking   for   sourses   of   energy   outside   himself.   Such   sources   make   a   person   dependent   from   them,   turning   him   into   their   slave.

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3.2999. I think, therefore I am God.     AR AR

Not I think, but we think.  I don't have a God, whose thought creates the world, but we have a God whose thought engenders thought.

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3.2953. Joy.     AR AR

Truth is joyful.  All my life I have striven from the suffering of falsehood to the joy of truth.  I wanted to be the truth.  I became truth.  I am truth.

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4.290.     AR AR

In   the   beginning   was   the   word   and   this   word   was   God.   The   point   is,   God   is   the   word,   human   language   and   human   reasoning.

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5.62.     AR AR

The more you ponder the truth, the more you begin to love the truth.  You are what you love.  If you love the truth, you are the truth.  Truth is power.

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3.37. Man is nothing.     AR AR

Arrogance   is   one’s   negation   of   and   dissociation   from   God.   God   wishes   unity   with   man   and   the   arrogant   one   wishes   freedom.   “I   am   my   own   God”,   said   the   Arrogant   one,   forgetting   that   his   soul   and   body   are   God   and   the   world   around   him   is   God   too.   What   is   the   arrogant   one?   –   Nothing.

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